1st-art.com Handmade Reproduction Paintings Give Art Loves The Chance To Own A Piece Of History

Not every art lover can afford to own an original piece of art. 1st-art.com are now helping people who love some of the best paintings in history to own a reproduction. All reproductions are painted by real artists and are not mass manufactured by factories.

Some of the best art in the world goes for tens of millions of dollars at auctions but in reality that is out of the average person’s reach. Now, thanks to 1st-art.com, famous paintings have become more affordable through reproduction. The online art expert has become one of the most recommended sellers of reproduction paintings and allow art lovers around the world to have their very own Vincent van Gogh.

One of the biggest complaints about reproduction paintings is the quality, which refers to the mass production of famous artwork. When a famous piece of artwork has come from a factory where it has been massed produced with hundreds of other artworks, it’s not real art. That is why 1st-art.com only sell reproduction artwork by real artists. All artwork is painted by hand to give art lovers a truly special piece of art.

A spokesman from 1st-art.com said: “We give people the opportunity to have a quality piece of reproduction of their favorite piece of artwork. Unlike local galleries we don’t incorporate the commission that has to be paid to an artist, and our running costs are low, that means we can pass on the savings to the consumer.”

The process of ordering a reproduction artwork is simple. By choosing the artwork from the site, making the order and sending payment, the artwork will then be distributed to the customer. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee giving complete confidence to the customer.

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About 1st-art.com

1st-art.com provides quality artwork at affordable prices. They have become one of the most respected sellers of reproduction paintings and provide a unique service where they provide a 100% quality guarantee.