Y:Cube: Could this be the Answer to Affordable Residential Elderly Care

In April a new National Living Wage will become effective; raising the minimum wage for workers 25 and older to £7.20 an hour, and eventually to £9 in five years’ time. While many rejoice, the care sector is at serious risk for a catastrophic collapse with the looming financial burden of increased labor costs. The raise in wages is estimated to cost an astounding £1bn by 2020. Y-Cube Promises to Deliver Solutions for a Stressed Budget While Providing Comfortable Homes for the UK’s Rapidly Growing Elderly Community Couple increased labor costs with a rapidly growing elderly population that is expected to double over the next 20 years, and the care sector has good reason to be petrified. However, there is a cutting edge solution that will proactively cut costs, and provide a viable solution for the Residential Elderly Care (REC) in London and other United Kingdom cities. The revolutionary concept of the Y-Cube promises to deliver solutions for a stressed budget while still providing comfortable and versatile residence for the UK’s rapidly growing elderly community. The Y-Cube was conceptualized with an innovate mindset from beginning to end. Over the last three years, AECOM’s civil and structural engineering team has been working closely[…]