ARCpoint Labs of Portland Launches ARCpoint MD Telehealth Service to Make Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible

  With Increasing Cost, Access and Time Constraints Restricting Healthcare, ARCpoint MD Closes the Gap We all realize that true healthcare has become increasingly difficult to obtain due to financial, time and accessibility constraints. ARCpoint Labs has formulated an antidote to this inaccessibility with ARCpoint MD. The cutting-edge telehealth service is narrowing the divide between patient and doctor, making a visit to the doctor’s office as easy as using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The service is now available through ARCpoint Labs. Please view out website at or contact Barb for further information.  “We are happy to provide a simple and effective way for patients to have instant access to medical advice and guidance for themselves and their families,” said Barb Faith, President. “We take pride in providing a low cost healthcare alternative to serve the needs of everyone.  We look forward to growing this program by teaming up with businesses and individuals in the community.” With ARCpoint MD, receiving medical attention and peace of mind has never been so instantaneous. Members can utilize 24-7 phone or online video access to U.S. board-certified physicians in primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine and family practice. The physicians are NCQA credentialed in the[…]


Online Education Store

  Fairfield, California. USA- The simple but dynamic online store has been launched with beneficial items for all grade levels, college students, and teachers in mind.    Items studied to be of most benefit are in each section- Teacher Supplies College & High School Middle School Pre-K and Elementary This store has been created in-partnership with You Tube, Amazon, and a growing list of organizations to host the quickest delivery of any order to you anywhere in the world. This is for the sake of providing the best quality educational materials for you as a student, parent learning aids, and for teachers .  The clutter of searches for classroom materials to improve learning capacity, behavioral management etc are all present here in this site, with the exception to human teaching aides. Tangible material products and some videos are available here. may be maintained as a simple looking website because resources are used to research best products, instead of fancy appearance. A 10% discount is automatically applied on top of whatever discounts that already exist for education shoppers.   Bookmark Mainly designed for American schools, but useful for the world.   Mr. Quinton D. Crawford 001-707-360-7567

Source: Offers The Most Popular and Top Products Of Wearable Technology

  Wearable gadgets have become an integral part of everyday life with more people purchasing gadgets for sport, lifestyle, and fun. With the advancement of technology gadgets have become more than just for fun, they have become an important tool to help people within their life, which includes losing weight, security, and healthcare. lists all the best available wearable technology at the best prices. Over the past decade, there has been a big increase in the number of people who now use gadgets in their everyday life. With the revolution in mobile technology, new gadgets are being invented each week, providing consumers with products that can help improve their life. However, keeping up to date with those products and finding the wearable tech that is affordable can be a struggle. That is why was launched. List Wearable Technology ( is showcase of The most Trendy and Up to Date wearable gadgets. The website brings consumers all the latest wearable tech available, and before they list the products, their team check the prices available online to make sure they provide their customers with the best deals. That means, tech lovers not only see the latest wearable tech available; they[…]


Art Johnson Thrills Again with Deadly Impressions

  (Los Angeles , CA – December) Before he began writing, Art Johnson was a Grammy nominated musician with over 40 years of experience in music and 10 CDs. He has toured all over the globe and his life experience has inspired his second mystery/thriller, Deadly Impressions, following the success of The Devil’s Violin. Johnson lives in Monaco, where the Princess Charlene has a copy of The Devil’s Violin kept in the palace. In his new book, Deadly Impressions, Johnson’s combines his travels and intelligence with a fascinating thriller that hold its readers captive to the last sentence as it follows FBI special Agent Chris Clarke and his partner Carlos Chubbs Gonzales to Los Angeles to investigate the kidnapping of a twenty-four year old heiress. Her grandfather, multi-billionaire Ezekiel Fick, who has the President of the United States on speed-dial, cracks the whip over the Mayor of Los Angeles, which puts LA Police Chief Fergus McCreary on the hot seat to find Stephanie Fick—and fast. After organizing the departmental investigation, Chief Mac goes behind closed doors to call in Arnold Blackburn, an ex-LAPD Lieutenant recently booted off the force who is now a Private Detective in LA County. Arney Blackburn[…]