Amazon Announces The Launch Of The Baby Back Seat Safety Mirror

  Baby Back Seat Safety Mirror Adjustable For Car – KITTENS Special Big Size -Clear Wide View – Acrylic Black And Easy Assembly – Free Bonus – Money Back Guarantee, now available on Amazon. Amazon the largest online shopping platform has announced they have added a new baby product that is beneficial for parents with young children. The Baby Back Seat Safety Mirror, which is being sold by Kittens a leading brand in car safety accessories. It is a perfect accessory for a car owner and parent to keep an eye on their baby while driving. The baby safety product is currently available for a discounted price. Free shipping is provided with orders over $35. It comes with a full money back guarantee. When driving a car with a baby on board it is always important to keep their eyes on the road while driving and the driver can become distractive by turning around to check on his or her safety and can be very dangerous, but by using the Baby Back Seat Safety Mirror, that problem could be resolved. The Baby Back Seat Safety Mirror, which is adjustable, provides the driver with a clear view of their baby at[…]


Google Stock Analysis – Why Google is a Worthy Stock Pick

  Google remains one of the most attractive stocks that long haul investors first think of buying. It is one of the stocks that come into mind when people think about tech stocks at any given time. It has so far risen 45% in 2015 alone even after it made some surgical changes in its financing and operations. Google Inc. (also now trading and operating as Alphabet Inc.) has a search business that is growing diversely and it also commands the most dominant video-streaming platform on the internet through YouTube. These two ventures provide formidable advertising revenues for the company, thereby giving share owners fundamental reasons to hold their investment. Google has an attractive market capitalization and a rich portfolio of products Good market capitalization and an excellent portfolio of products is important to the long-term share worth of a listed company. From recent company announcements, Google’s ambition to keep on expanding its advertising and cloud business is good news for the share price. Expanding the cloud business will just lead to more revenues in future financial years. The share traded at an average price of $750 for most of November and at the moment, based on the plans to[…]


Amazon And Author Katrina Hardin Announces The Release Of Christmas Children’s Book Elf Bully: The Prequel That Encourage Children To Read

  A new fun Christmas book has been launched on Amazon for children to encourage them to read. Elf Bully: The Prequel tells the story of a naughty elf that decides to commit the crime of Christmas by stealing children’s Christmas presents. The book promotes literacy and discourages bullying. The author of Elf Bully, which was a big hit for children in 2011, and Annie ate 48 sour green apples, has now released her latest book called Elf Bully: The Prequel. (The Elfing Truth About Why You Don’t Get What You Want for Christmas). The book was written by Katrina Hardin to encourage children to read with the message from Father Christmas that reading is a good thing. The story follows a naughty elf that has put a plan together to spoil Christmas for children all around the world. He has broken the law and intends to steal the presents that Santa delivers. However, there is a flaw in the little Elf’s plan. If children read books, then it will slow down the Elf and stop children from losing out on the Christmas gifts that Santa is trying to deliver them. The story, which encourages children to read shows children how[…]

Source: Android to iPhone Transfer Software Now Available Online

  iPhone has become one the leaders in the mobile market. So when someone has an android phone and decides to change their phone to an iPhone, they need to find a solution to transfer their data from one phone to another. provides that solution and offers software that can transfer data, images, and music, keeping the history of the old phone intact and transferring it to the new iPhone. is pleased to announce they are providing a free trial and money back guarantee on their iPhone Transfer Software. The software available includes MobileTrans, TunesGo, AnyTrans, and PhotoTrans. The software provider has gained a reputation in providing a secure and fast solution in transferring data from an Android phone to an iPhone.   To learn more about the software and how easy it is to transfer data from one phone to another, please visit