The Light Space Shares Motivational Videos Online For Personality Development

The Light Space introduces impactful motivational video collection online. The company is sharing creatively crafted videos that are based on the themes like Meditation, depression, happiness, motivation, spirituality and more. According to the company, they are targeting to develop the overall personality of the viewers and eliminate the negative vibes from their lives. In line with the shared information by the company, they will be sharing videos to develop the ability to tackle with the poor sexual life or professional or personal life stress efficiently. The company adds that viewers will be able to discover the strongest version of them after following the video. The inspirational videos will share valuable tips and methods to stay happy and develop some extraordinary skills.   The Light Space also highlights their YouTube based channel where customers can discover a wide assortment of impactful short movies made after gathering various details and information related to the art of living and improving own personality. With the noble intention to improve the living standards of people, the company publicly invites the people to encounter phenomenal videos that will surely eliminate the fear, stress, dishonesty and other negativity from their lives, making them a good person. The[…]

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Music and Claymation Become One

Colorado, USA, March 18, 2016 – SMiley, a talented, skilled and creative artist that is dedicated towards creating music with new and different rhythms, is excited to announce the release of his new collaborative video, which presently enjoying loads of buzz and raves both online and offline. Entitled and dubbed as ‘Zombie Groove,’ the song of this fresh and exciting video can be found on his album – Couch on the Floor. The wonderful video was a joint and collaborative effort of Smiley and a versatile Claymation artist known as Martyna Koleniec. Speaking about the hit song, Smiley commented thus; “I am absolutely delighted about the release of this new video. I have been waiting a long time to find an artist that could bring this song to life, until I eventually found this amazing individual.” “Zombie Groove is a wonderful Claymation video made by Martyna Koleniec off my album -Couch on the Floor. It was wonderful working with Martyna Koleniec, and I am glad I found her. The video is finally out, and I know all my fans and music lovers out there would be excited by it” he concluded. The video can be seen on the following link[…]