MEMPHIS MEDIA INNOVATIONS TO OFFER INNOVATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES   Memphis, TN, March 17, 2016– A professional social media marketing company that provides a complete online marketing solution to achieve positive results is pleased to announce they are opening an office in Memphis, TN. The new office will allow businesses in Memphis and surrounding areas to receive the same powerful results as previous, and current clients enjoy.   Memphis Media Innovations is an internet marketing agency with one focus in mind, to achieve positive results and to empower the clients they work with. The social media experts that believe a business will flourish when they are empowered intend to provide their clients with marketing strategy plans and content that will boost their traffic, increase brand awareness and develop long-term client relationships.   84.2 percent of the population use the internet in the USA; over 200 million use the internet for shopping. That shows the internet is the most important shopping platform for all sized business. Those businesses that don’t have an online presence, or are not using services to increase their online profile are losing out on important revenue streams.  MMI wants to help those businesses that are missing[…]