Sees An Increase In Older Men Dating Younger Women

  More women are now looking for mature men for fun, love, and marriage.     In recent years, the number of women who have become fed up of dating men their own age has increased, leaving women turning to popular dating site to find an older man for fun, love, and marriage.   Men no longer feel age matters when it comes to dating according to That has opened a whole new dating world bringing women who are looking for an older date and men looking for younger women together. The Huffington Post in 2015 revealed the reason behind the increase of women looking for older men to date, and according to the leading online newspaper, it was all down to maturity.   The Huffington Post ran an article looking at the reason behind the increase in the number of younger women looking to date older men, and it found women are more mature than men of their age. That is bad news for young men looking for love but good news for older men looking for younger women.   AgeSingle.Com has confirmed the increase in younger women looking for older men after reporting a huge increase[…]

Source: Reveal the Prom Season Trends and Fashion for 2016

Each year the fashion trend for the prom season changes, 2016 is no different. That is why has revealed what men are wearing this year to keep up with the prom season fashion.   A leading formal wear and accessory website has revealed what the new prom season fashion trends are for 2016 and how Hollywood has helped bring fashion to the proms for young men., who has become one of the most recommended sellers of fashion wear for men, has said this season is all about the navy blue tuxedo., who sell a wide range of fashion items from Tuxedo’s, suits, shirts, shoes, to accessories has said thanks to Hollywood and the Golden Globes night, everyone’s attention is now towards the navy blue tuxedo. The big Golden Globes night saw more than half of Hollywood’s leading men wear the navy blue tuxedo, which sent the fashion world into a spin. The navy blue tuxedo has now become a hot fashion trend for prom night with young men wanting to look as hot as their Hollywood heroes. Following on from the trend, has reported a huge increase in sales and expect the trend to continue all[…]


Holiday Comparison Site HolidayAttractor.Com Is Helping Travelers Save Money

  The travel site has become one of the most recommended services to help people reduce the amount they pay for their holiday.   A travel site, which helps consumers search and compare the prices of flights and hotels around the world, is helping holidaymakers to save money by providing them with the best prices. With the huge savings, the travel site provides, has become one of the most recommended ways to achieve cut-price travel.   Each year millions of people around the world are overpaying on what they pay for hotels, and flights. The travel site wanted to stop people from wasting their money and launched tools that allow consumers to check the prices of flights and accommodation in seconds to find the best prices available. Once the consumer finds the best prices available they can book direct with the travel service, saving them time and money.   A spokesman for said: “We help people save money on their holidays by comparing all the best prices available. Within seconds people can compare and find the best prices on their travel needs, saving lots of money.”   The site also provides holidaymakers with an important resource for people[…]


New Music Marketing Book Launched On Amazon

  Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new marketing book to their shopping platform. The new book titled Music Marketing is an important book that helps people in the music world promote themselves and their music through social media.   Social media has become an important part of promoting musicians and there music; it has become the fastest way to promote new music and up and coming artists. One of the most popular ways to connect with people and promote music is through Twitter.   Independent artists do not have the luxury of having a large PR and marketing team behind them, leaving them to struggle to promote themselves. The Music Marketing book provides a real solution to helping musicians to engage with existing and new fans, and to promote any new releases they may have.   The new music marketing book focuses on how to gain a large amount of engaging followers on Twitter. In the book, the reader will find…   1. Twitter Basics 2. Targeted Following Guide 3. Twitter Account Maintenance 4. Principles For Continued Growth and Engagement   The book is available for free on the 1st April[…]