Comet, the world’s first buoyant smartphone, is moving to production.   As a culture, it seems we have all become a bit jaded by the consumer trends in electronics.   Every year, we hear something “brand new, innovative and exciting is coming out”. Once in a while, that claim is warranted. An emerging tech startup, Comet Core inc. is challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology. With the release of their first product floating just over the horizon, “The Wave”, a buoyant smartphone is ready to surf it’s way into the hearts of consumers everywhere.   Phone Demonstration Video:   Comet Core Inc. recently received its series A funding and is poised to be a company to watch in 2017. Not only does the phone float, but it boasts a line of innovative new features unique to this device. A new, unparalleled Military Grade Voice Encryption called Q-Lock protects The Wave and its users from prying eyes & ears. In addition, another unique feature is the phone’s Mood Sensor which operates with an array of LED’s built into the phone to interact with the local environment. Moreover, The Wave will have an encrypted phone to[…]

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Forget the Market – Good News for Cautious Investors

FTM (Forget The Market) Reopens 3 Shares Options for a Limited Time. Aimed At Cautious Investors Looking For Consistent Performance And Profits. This investment fund took nine years of research and seven years of investor feedback to perfect, with essential lessons learned from each & every successful investment made. Investment firm FTM today announced the reopening of 3 separate share options; projected to provide good yields suitable for those investors looking for consistent performance and profits…this is good news for cautious investors. FTM has proven the value of solid experience & practical knowledge with 76 + positive months of returns and No negative months since inception, in March 2010. History has shown that experience, in tandem with putting client’s needs first and ensuring capital preservation, counts for a great deal in financial circles. And the FTM management team have more than 60 years of financial industry experience between them. FTM has demonstrated great resilience via 76+ “NO LOSS” months in a row, with a compound annualized rate of 8.74%. This consistently successful investment strategy dates back to 1997 and has been tried and tested throughout some of the worst market conditions, since the great depression. FTM capital is secured at[…]


Does New CARA Law Expand And Extend Opiate/Opioid Addiction

Are We Expanding Rather Than Reducing the American Opiate Epidemic by Legally Increasing the Availability of Buprenorphine/Naloxone to Treat Opiate/Opioid Addiction? Based on good intentions by Obama and lawmakers the United States has overwhelmingly approved an expanded increased availability of buprenorphine /naloxone (sold under the brand name Suboxone) from the previous 100 patient restriction to 275 per physician to assist in this treatment option. The law will come into effect on August 5th. While this could translate to a better chance for especially rural communities to expand its treatment to many people iatrogenic addicted to opiates/opioids, are we actually expanding rather than reducing the American opiate epidemic? In this discussion we are cognizant that buprenorphine is a very potent highly addictive opioid with similar withdrawal to opiates like morphine and heroin. The combination with a very low dose of the narcotic antagonist Naloxone does not alter the addiction characteristics of Buprenorphine, however it does provide a barrier to diversion in the street. HHS estimates between 10,000 and 90,000 new patients will be able to get buprenorphine in the first year as a result. Another 2,000 to 15,000 new patients should be able to get the treatment in subsequent years.  “If[…]