Lyons USA set to make initial investments

Company also seeking private equity funding   Lyons USA, a real estate and private equity firm focused on modular technology and sustainable development, today announced that it has identified a short list of investment targets. Since its launch in 2013, Lyons USA has been researching and reviewing new innovations in modular construction and is currently conducting due diligence on a number of solution providers.  Additionally, Lyons USA is seeking private equity funding.   Co-founded by Angus and Penelope Reed (President and Vice President) Lyons USA is focused on accelerating modular building innovation by identifying and funding new technologies, new methodologies or any intellectual property (IP) contributing to the growth of modular, while improving sustainability. Criteria for inclusion include companies that have patented IP, and proven systems or innovations that create efficiency, cost reductions and sustainability.    Lyons USA is currently conducting due diligence on a number of solution providers including those focused on: modular innovations in the high-rise construction industry–including construction without tower cranes; recycling and reuse of municipal waste streams (such as glass) to create building materials; and high-quality, multi-use floor plate construction.   Angus Reed said: “Modular technology has tremendous benefits for the development industry, yet the execution[…]