How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Programme Now Available As A Free Trail

A How To Stop Drinking Alcohol expert has today announced she is offering a free trial of her world famous online programme. Georgia Foster invented the seven-day programme, which has been featured around the world on TV and in the media. The online programme is aimed at helping people to cut down on their alcohol drinking within seven days and due to its success, it has become one of the most recommended ways to reduce drinking. Georgia Foster has decided to offer the first day of her programme as a free trial to show people how powerful it is. The programme, which works from day one will allow people to see how they can really stop drinking alcohol so much and lead a healthier lifestyle. Since being launched, the programme has helped thousands of people around the world to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink each week. Many people who have tried the programme have said they were surprised at how much money they saved by cutting down the amount of alcohol they drank. However, it is not just about the amount of money people can save. By reducing the amount of alcohol people drink, they can become healthier[…]


Purr City Makes Learning About The World Fun and Educational For Children, preparing them to be Well-Rounded Global Citizens

  Children learn more when they are having fun according to educational experts. Purr City helps children to discover the world in stimulating, non-conventional ways. Purr City ( is a semi-utopian cat world featuring a city built by cats who wanted to create a better way of life after seeing the flaws of their human owners.  Purr City is designed for children to learn about the world, but also to become good citizens.  Cats are inquisitive, like learning, and like to play. The creator of Purr City believes that children’s minds need to be stimulated by the real world to develop intelligence and curiosity while eliminating boredom. Purr City aims to develop young minds with a holistic approach – integrating education with a focus on learning values and making the world a better place as the next guardians of the planet. The creator, Lisa Mac (aka Lisa Purr), recalls being bored in her childhood days and that reading materials in schools often had little substance and relevance to the real world. However, childhood is the most important time to learn and develop as this can impact on life opportunities. She believes that everyone has amazing potential to achieve great things[…]

Source: Launches an Inside Look at Online College for the Queer Student in 2016 has published a guide to online college dedicated to LGBT+ students. In preparing this guide, a survey of LGBT+ students was conducted. The students were asked why they chose an online college program and asked to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their choice. Their raw, emotional answers are included in the “Community Voices” section of the guide. This guide was designed to provide support for LGBT+ students in a seldom explored topic, higher education. The reason this topic is sparsely documented is that a shockingly low percentage of LGBT+ identified students intend to pursue a college degree, and of those that do 56% feel as though their school has policies that discriminate against them. No one should feel excluded from the amazing opportunity to learn, and even more, no one should feel unsafe or unaccepted in a learning environment. explores options to change these statistics, and offers a great front line of schools who agree that education should be safe, accessible, and that all students should be championed regardless of how they identify or who they love. Researcher Brandon Carter, who identifies as a polysexual transman, walks students through school selection and scholarship opportunities that are gender-[…]

Source: launches new partnership platform for small businesses today launches CorporateFlights for Business. It is geared toward small businesses without their own internal managed travel programs. CorporateFlights for Business is a unique program with valuable features and benefits to small businesses. It provides small businesses with a dedicated travel portal through which they are able to manage their travel directly while enjoying a percentage of rebates on their spending. CorporateFlights for Business is absolutely free with no contracts, subscription costs or minimum booking requirement.   Company managers or administrators will be able to create CorporateFlights for Business accounts at no cost, and book flights, hotel rooms, travel packages and car rentals for their employees.  They also have the option of sending their staff invitations and the staff can manage travel on their own. Employees using CorporateFlights for Business will also be able to book both their business and leisure travel on the same platform. Similar to the CorporateFlights leisure portal, CorporateFlights for Business portal offers powerful search capability, various amenities filtering criteria which are important to business travelers, and peer review system. CorporateFlights for Business offers largest inventory supply of hotels, car rentals, flights, and vacation packages. Hotels Over 700,000 properties, exclusive discounts and more from major[…]