Desjardin Remains to Stand the Test of Time

The year of 1848 was a busy one in terms of world events. It was a time of unrest throughout the world as numerous revolutions brought out as people fought against oppressive governments. France was at the forefront of that struggle with their own Revolution of 1848. On 4 November, France ratified a new constitution, thus ushering in a new era of government, the Second Republic of France to replace the temporary government that had been put in place. In the United States, 1848 marked the beginning construction of the Washington Monument to honor the country’s first American president and the start of the California Gold Rush. Meanwhile in Paris, during 1848, the Desjardin Family began their business specializing in the manufacturing of metal tin and white iron aluminum stampings. The world has changed quite a bit since 1848. France has proudly risen above the tragedies it experienced through the first and second world wars and the harsh restrictions placed on its citizens during the German Occupation during the 1940s. During its renewal, some things have come and gone forever, but Desjardin Metal Packaging has remained as one of France’s oldest metal packing manufacturers. To this day, the company remains[…]

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Uptown Locksmith Now Offers Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Professional locksmith company Uptown Locksmith has just announced that they will now be offering motorcycle locksmith services as part of their regular locksmith services. Motorcyclists in Canada’s capital city can rest assured knowing that they have someone to call if they ever need help. Uptown Locksmith is based in Ottawa and offers high-quality locksmith services for automobiles, homes, commercial establishments, and now motorcycles as well. The company is a licensed and professionally recognized locksmith company with goals to be the go-to locksmith company in Ottawa. The company knows that in order to become the number one company that people think of, they have to offer those services that people need. It’s easy to see why recent efforts have been made to reach a wider audience by offering motorcycle locksmith services in addition to their other professional services. Marketing Manager Vince Smerto commented, “Adding motorcycle locksmith services to our company’s profile made a lot of sense. It’s what we needed to set ourselves apart. Now, with this press release, we hope that motorcycle drivers in the area will see our name and remember Uptown Locksmith the next time they need a locksmith for their bikes.” Some of the motorcycle locksmith services[…]


The Best Video Production Services Available on the Shanghai Market Just Got Better

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