Officiser The Better Way To Fidget At Work For Enhanced Focus, Performance And Health

Officiser, a new type of active footrest has been gaining traction on Kickstarter. This “Fidget Exerciser” can help people to enhance focus, creativity, productivity and performance at work, as well as negate the negative health effects of prolonged sitting and significantly boost daily calorie burn. The inventor and the CEO of CTL, the company behind Officiser, Julee Kim describe the gadget as “the most effective, fun and affordable sedentary lifestyle solution for anyone who sit too much” and “the elegant and stylish way to fidget in your office”. Base on their campaign description, Officiser is created to address the prevailing problem of insufficient physical activity as a result of prolonged sitting, which has many negative effects on a person’s body and mind. And lack of physical activity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide and it is costing the world US$67.5 billion a year. Officiser incorporated the health and productivity benefits of an under-desk exerciser and an ergonomic footrest. It is a non-disruptive health gadget that can be used all day while the user works at a desk, which fundamentally eliminates the potential physical inactivity from sitting. The movement is as natural as fidgeting. And this distinction from normal[…]