Ms. Leigh Rudd, fashion forecaster, from Ridgefield CT has published a fashion coloring book for grown-ups called Fashion Trends: London Look of the 1960’s.  She describes it as a “value-packed, fanciful book packed with original fashion sketches and trends.” Her desire, she explains, is to provide a source of relaxing entertainment that also informs fashion enthusiasts how to be a fashion forecaster (if they want). It explains the steps of predicting cutting edge looks — from trendy living to the fashion supplies one would need. It is fun-filled and a great way to relax.

The world of Rudd’s coloring book is Chelsea, London — the trendiest, most influential place in the world during the ‘60’s. It was the hang-out place of gorgeous celebrities parading on the renowned King’s Road, the fashion mecca of eclectic boutiques and the playground of the fashionistas of the “swinging sixties.” The 60’s in London meant long-legged girls in micro-mini skirts and the birth of a new fashion trend a minute.  Music from The Beatles, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones wafted out from boutique doorways. Every Friday was a string of parties for the Chelsea Set of Mary Quant and Mick Jagger – and those lucky enough to be there.  It was a time of self-expression when very young people with talent became overnight icons in fashion and music.  It was a time and place of outrageous creativity and budding stars from the music, art and fashion worlds. This was the epicenter that rocked the world in the ‘60’s with influences that continue to this day.

Fashion Trends: London Look of the 60’s with ‘Best Seller’ status has 100  pages of over 150 detailed drawings to color which include London designers like Mary Quant, fashion trends, London boutiques, supermodels, prints and patterns.

And, on top of that, the coloring book brings you into the world of the original fashion forecaster Leigh Rudd who predicted fashion two years or more into the future from 1968 – 1988 with her company IM International with offices around the world. She is the woman who actually created the sector of the fashion industry known as “fashion forecasting.”  Rudd developed her own system for predicting accurate, money-making trends for elite designers such as Halston, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein; retailers like Harrods and Macy’s, mega-sized fiber conglomerates and beauty companies around the world.

And Leigh Rudd is now back in the business.  She is developing a body of work on the subject she knows best – fashion. There is another fashion coloring book coming out in a few months and a series of novellas about her main character Jordan Parker and even a screenplay. Jordan is a wild child, early 20’s, who slowly builds a fashion empire, with many dark moments and set-backs in the process.  The novellas begin in London and continue into the glamorous but ruthless world of fashion in NYC during the 1970’s.

For more information visit www.leighruddfashion.com and www.fashiontrendcoloringbooks.com


Writer, Producer, Fashion Forecaster

Ridgefield, CT