A New Five Dollar Press Release Syndication Service Launched By In2town Press Release



In2town Press Release has launched a distribution service on the Fiverr platform for five dollars. The press release will be distributed within one hour, and the service is available seven days a week. The service is similar to PRBUZZ but offers a fast turnaround and promotes the press release on social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

A new press release distribution service has been launched by In2town Press Release to give small business owners online exposure for five dollars.

The new press release distribution service gives the small business owner the chance to promote their products and services online without overspending on their marketing budget. The service, which is similar to PRBUZZ but is available seven days a week, comes with social media promotion

A spokesman for In2town Press Release said: “The five service will give small business owners the chance to promote their products and services online. It gives them the power to promote to a wider audience without overspending on their marketing budget.”

With 85% of consumers using the Internet to search for products and services, it’s important that small business owners do not ignore the power of the Internet. Through having a website and using online marketing techniques such as a press release, a small business can increase their customer base and revenue.

The press release distribution service, which is available by visiting https://uk.fiverr.com/in2town/syndicate-your-press-release-can-include-google-news allows any business that has a press release to have it distributed within an hour. If a small business owner does not have a press release at hand the public relations and marketing agency can provide a service to write one.

The press release distribution company also offers additional distribution services, which includes distributing a press release through Google News. There is currently a special offer available where the press release will appear in Google News and Digital Journal for $30.

For more information on the press release distribution service on Fiverr, please visit https://uk.fiverr.com/in2town/syndicate-your-press-release-can-include-google-news


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