Anatomy of A Native American Psycho Thriller – Mohawk Salon Film – filming 2017 in NYC


Seeking 3,000 investors at $500 toward $1.5 million dollar goal


It’s up to Chicago detective Sam Mitchell to solve the ongoing serial murders of dozens of Afro-American hairdressers, whose scalped remains are being hung like trophies to their salon mirrors. As a rookie in the late 1970s, Sam covered a grisly crime scene in Harlem, where a Native American woman was murdered and scalped and her baby missing. That case was never solved. Is the troubled Black cop up to the task of restoring order to the city?


This is the tantalizing tale of “MoHawk Salon,” a psycho thriller from Los Angeles- and New York York-based Raggedy Ends Productions, LLC. The company is campaigning to raise $1.5 million to fund production and bring the full-length movie to 2,000+ screens by Halloween 2018. With Green Apple Entertainment as their worldwide distributorship and full cast and crew and with Film Director Steven Judd you will not be disappointed sitting on the edge of your seat!


“We are screaming out loud as we continue push towards this pivotal goal in our campaign to take ‘Mohawk Salon’ (new title: Crowning Glory) to the big screen,” says Raggedy Ends Productions Executive Producer and the film’s screenwriter Veronica Page. “America has an insatiable appetite for adventure thrillers, and we cannot wait to share this societal exploration and singular mystery-crime drama with film viewers across the nation.”


Raggedy Ends Productions has taken the unusual tact of raising money in an organic fashion, via its website, allowing fans and followers to become investors in this production. They invest $500. The goal is to have 3000 persons invest $500. In return, they get a share of the profits from box-office receipts after expenses, plus the return of their $500 investment. Interested investors may write a check, make a deposit or bank transfer or wire transfer amount into an Escrow account at Chase Bank. So there’s no middleman. We anticipate this film will bring in $30MM-$50MM. That’s 3000 persons get a chance to “meet and greet” the cast and crew. That’s 3000 persons get invited to the red carpet premiere. And that’s 3000 persons get first investment participation in the sequel “Rebirth of Crowning Glory”. And if you are in the tri-State area, that’s 3000 persons could possibly be EXTRAS!


Ultimately, “Mohawk Salon” is a story about love crossing the barriers of tradition, culture and ethnicity—set in a tumultuous period in American history—because of the love between an African-American man and a Native American woman. It features some 65 speaking roles, with the film’s trailer available on


“The support has been so gratifying,” Page adds. “We are within reach of bringing our labor of love to film buffs and thriller fans. Our tag line is, ‘Some sounds will haunt you forever!’ We can’t wait to engage viewers with an experience they will never forget.”


For more information, contact:


Raggedy Ends Productions, LLC


P.O. Box 13791


Los Angeles, CA  90013


Phone: 213-537-7274


Twitter: @MohawkSalonFilm  @GreenAppleEnt