Andrew Charlton Announces Availability of Economic Expertise Via Social Media Platform

Andrew Charlton is announcing the widespread availability of his economic expertise via social media. The director of economic consultancy firm AlphaBeta and the former economic advisor to the Prime Minister of Australia, Charlton intends to address a variety of critical economic issues and offer his expert insight and analysis to followers of @Charlton_AB.

It was not long ago that Andrew Charlton’s economic expertise was exclusively available to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, but the former economic adviser to the prime minister has announced that his insight on a wide range of global economic issues will now be available to a far larger audience through the use of social media. Now the director of AlphaBeta, Charlton intends to offer his expert analysis via Twitter, where he can be found @Charlton_AB or

As the co-author of “Fair Trade for All” (with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz) and the author of “Ozonomics” and “Man-Made World: Choosing Between Progress and the Planet,” Charlton has long been recognized as a wellspring of information concerning all facets of economics. Charlton’s social media account is already teeming with insight regarding some of the most pressing global economic issues and crises, as the economic consultant recently weighed in on the future of the Chinese economy and the many ways in which China has undermined confidence in its economy, creating additional and unnecessary market volatility.

Charlton, a frequent media presence due to his status as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on economics, has also utilized his social media presence to share information regarding upcoming appearances as well as to provide links to the videos and transcripts following each media appearance. The economist has also expressed an intention to interact with his followers as often as possible with the goal of enlightening and informing anyone interested in any number of concepts pertaining to economics.

About Andrew Charlton

Andrew Charlton is the director of AlphaBeta, a strategy advisory business dedicated to addressing the most pressing global economic issues. A Rhodes Scholar, Charlton earned a master’s and a doctorate in economics from Oxford University before going on to serve as the economic adviser to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Charlton is also the author of several books on economics, including “Fair Trade for All” and “Ozonomics.”