Annoucing eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ — The Future of Digital Medicine!


Jump on board at the ground floor of a future billion dollar business!

Penang, Malaysia – June 15, 2016 – eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ annouces a revolutionary new product that combines the the ancient principles of subtle-energy, sound and image patterns with the use of today’s technology to provide users with a unique model of wellness services.

eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ utilizes a proprietary formulation process consisting of capturing the subtle-energy signature of the user’s selected wellness solution, transmitting it via smart phone and then activating it into a digital geometrical and audio pattern. This innovation is a new frontier in combining modern science and ancient energy technology.

Once the user has registered and subscribed to the DigiMed™ of their choice, the signature Click and Cure! Aspect of the smartphone app will transmit the selected wellness solution’s pattern into a glass of water, placed within its active field. This manifests the water with the programmed potential from the wellness solution selected by the user, enabling the user to benefit from the desired effects of that solution.

In the past, those suffering from a variety of ailments could only get relief from relying on an actual visit to a doctor’s office or holistic healer. Even the simplest problems required a doctor’s visit and a copay! But no longer!

By utilizing our technology from the comforts of home, you can get instantaneous relief through the wonders of your own cell phone!

Today’s tech-savvy individuals don’t have time to wait for relief. With modern technology replacing traditional methods of seeking out medical advice, eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ is on the cusp of being the first to provide this kind of care with a significantly lower cost and high success rate!

Digital Health. 2015 was explosive for digital health. 2016 will be even more so. If you want to create a company in digital health, here are some areas to focus on:

  • Electronic, Personalized Medical Doctors. The availability of sensors and AI make it possible to build a smart device that can complete at least basic diagnostics from the home. This device would know your personal health data and be customized to your individual health needs.
  • Wearables, Attachables and Implantables. This category is poised for immense growth in 2016. Medical and clinical areas will be the hottest areas to focus on, simply because advances in sensor and analysis technology in 2015 make the data gathered more actionable. From consumer wearables, like fitness trackers, to highly futuristic brain implantables, major changes are coming that will impact us all.
  • Point of Care (POC) Revolution. Startups like the now notorious Theranos made us think more critically about better POC testing. The increasing availability of biosensors and microfluidics make marked improvements possible. And with this, the logical next step is better POC care and treatment.

About eSiddha:

DigiMed™ has been a labor of love and dedication for the last 15 years, and has undergone many tests in order to perfect and optimize it for maximum wellness results. Our wellness solutions are successful and time-test, thanks to their unprecedented effectiveness and safety for use.

To ensure optimum delivery of DigiMed™ to clients, the eSiddha℠ breakthrough model of online service delivery, i.e, Click & Cure! has been developed to enable full access to DigiMed™, in the most convenient way possible, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. eSiddha℠ has established a new paradigm in the holistic wellness industry, mainly its incomparable features which are: 24/7 online service availability, great practicality for its clear, simple and easy to use, it’s reliable and provides customers with free trials to try and judge for themselves on the spot. The eSiddha℠ model is cost effective as it provides the best value for your money.

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Sri Prannaji

Penang, Malaysia