Annoucing MounK High Quality Underwear Made From Bamboo

We put focus on details and work with thinner fabric to ensure better comfort and fit.

Uppsala, Sweden – May 23, 2016 – Nejdeh Ghazarian, the founder of MounK, announces his Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for his underwear apparel brand made from bamboo. The bamboo fibre has a naturally smooth and round structure, which makes fabric softer than cotton or linen. His bamboo underwear is breathable and adjusts to body temperature thanks to millions of microgaps in the fibres. It keeps you warm in cold climates and cool in hot climates. MounK is antibacterial, odor resistant, and absorbent. Mounk’s manufacturer is located in China and has more than 20 years of experience. They feel very confident with their supplier and know that their manufacturer understands quality like Mounk does. Now to the execution.  

When it comes to manufacturing we have done our best to listen to our customers and make sure that we provide the best underwear possible. Underwear that you will love to wear. A pair of underwear are not just a pair of underwear, it’s the piece of clothing you put on first and the one you take of last. It’s the one piece that is in direct contact with you skin all day, every day. This is why it’s extra important that you feel comfortable when wearing them. MounK had all this in mind when they started the designing process. They chose to work with a thinner and lighter blend (180g/m2) to ensure the best comfort and fit. MounK’s main mission was to design underwear that were so comfortable that you would forget you had them on.

About MounK


The idea around Mounk began to emerge during the summer of 2011. The dream was to produce high quality products and work with environmental friendly materials. That is why we chose to work with bamboo. The bamboo plant has a lot of benefits as well as endless possibilities.

Mounk choses to work with bamboo throughout the whole manufacturing process, from their underwear to the packaging. After a lot of research a clear business idea was born. They wanted to build an environmental friendly brand and MounK of Sweden was launched in the end of 2014.

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Nejdeh Ghazarian

MounK of Sweden AB 2014

Granbyvagen 2B, 754 32

Uppsala, Sweden