Announcing a Christmas Gift Campaign to Help a High School Physics Teacher

Help a High school student raise funds to give his Physics teacher an awesome Christmas gift.

Chesapeake, VA – December 1, 2015 – Damian Njuguna is a high school senior that loves physics and engineering. He discovered his passion from taking AP Physics taught by a teacher known by Dr. H. She has a PhD in Physics which made Damian think she could be making a six-figure income somewhere else, but luckily for him–and a host of several other students–she has chosen to teach physics at Damian’s high school.

Dr. H is beyond brilliant and she has helped Damian discover his love for physics & engineering. Seldom do we read anything about the teachers who helped kids like Damian achieve interests of what they would like to pursue in their lives. Teachers deserve more recognition for playing a key role in a student’s desire for knowledge in any area of study. Putting up with mischievous high schoolers, as Damian admits, is not always easy to do, but Dr. H. manages to put up with rascally high school students and still keep a smile on her face. Damian stated that he thinks he speaks for his whole class when he says that Dr. H. is the most dedicated and passionate teacher that anyone has ever met.

One day, Damian noticed that Dr. H was a little more stressed than usual. After some investigative work, it turned out that she had recently been in a car accident. She was found liable for the accident and was not compensated for the loss. As luck would have it, just after purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, Dr. H needed to find a way to pay for ceiling repairs and a new house-heater.

Damian wants to give back to Dr. H. by raising money through GoFundMe as a Christmas gift to her. Through this GoFundMe campaign, all donations will go directly to Dr. H. to help her with her resolve all the unfortunate issues that she is currently experiencing.

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Damian Njuguna

Chesapeake, VA