Announcing Gr(Ace) – a Narrative Film About a Struggling Asexual Girl

An asexual girl struggling to have her voice heard; a voice that’s saying: “If sex without love exists, love without sex exists too.”

Boston, MA – June 7, 2016 – Film is obviously one of the great art forms. It is both beautiful and stunning, visual and visceral and requires a few things to bring it into existence: passion, a good story and money.

Art is capable of doing so many things. It can inspire us, inform us, push us, spark an interest within us and much more. The goal of our film is without a doubt to do all of the above.

Gr(Ace) is the story about Grace-Marie; an asexual girl struggling to have her voice heard. She’s in a complicated relationship with her heterosexual boyfriend Travis and has a less than simple friendship with her best friend Heather. Before going any further, we beg you to ask yourselves: how many times have you heard the term asexuality? How many times have you discussed it with your peers? Do you know what it means to be asexual?

The truth is asexuality is so invisible in mainstream media. Those who identify as anything other than straight, gay, or bisexual usually end up being pushed into this category deemed the “other” sexualities. Our film challenges that notion.

We are crowdfunding the film and we need $6,000 is for transportation costs, so that we may get our cast and crew where they need to be. Food! (Who doesn’t love a good meal right?) To bring our vision to life we also have to have some great equipment and this includes a beautiful C300 Canon Camera, some lighting equipment, a snazzy mic and anything else we might need.

So the money is for equipment, yes, but it is for so much more. Our film wants to inspire you to think differently about those you may not see in front of your face. We want to push you to do more to create a certain level of awareness in our world. We want to inform you of some of the struggles some asexuals may go through and especially the ones that aren’t talked about. We want you to be interested and engaged in our story.

But first we need a little help. Every contribution counts and we look forward to bringing this story to you!

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Taylor Velasquez

Boston, MA