Announcing Nok’s Rally Against Major Stroke


Through your help we can help Nok recover some independence, and thus improve her quality of life.

Valdosta, GA – July 24, 2016 –  It was about 2 A.M. on Jan. 22, 2016 when Jerry Safford came home from work and walked in into his living room and seen his wife of 36 years lying on her back. Her eyes were opened and was staring at me, but she could not speak. As he walked closer to her, she took her left hand and was tapping my leg as if she was trying to say, “help me”. Jerry called 911 and from there their lives were turned upside down in a matter of milliseconds.

Nok’s stroke was a bleed on her left side of the brain which affected her speech and is called expressive aphasia. Her right side was affected and currently cannot move her right arm/hand and right foot. She can move her right leg, but cannot walk. She is going to speech, occupational, and physical therapy. If anybody out there who has ever been a caregiver to a disabled person, you know what Jerry’s been through. If not, he never want anyone to have to go through this terrible debilitating event. Caregivers need respite, which means a break from their duties. It cost a bit of money to hire someone to do these duties.

Nok worked as a seamstress up until this emotional event. Jerry also was working until he became her caregiver and had to resign from work. Jerry had to dig into his 401k at an early age of 59 1/2. He applied for Medicaid and was turned down. He applied for aid and attendance through VA and was disapproved because she did not have 30% disability. She did get approved for social security disability with a whopping $59 more than she was getting for social security. They are still grateful though as any little bit helps.

Jerry started a GoFundMe page to raise enough funds to make up for lost wages, medical bills and buy a RT 300-SLSA with Sage 10, which is a piece of equipment that you can cycle with your hands or feet with a computer monitor with electrical stimulation. He is raising funds for his wife’s quality of life, he plans on turning their backyard to a wheelchair accessible area with raised garden beds that will make it easier for his wife.

About Nok and Jerry

Jerry Safford grew up in south Florida and joined the U.S. Air Force after high school. He loved sports and played softball and baseball throughout his career. His second assignment was to Guam in 1978. This is where he met his lovely wife Nok and married her in 1979. She is from Buriram, Thailand. She grew up as a rice farmer. She also taught herself how to sew. Throughout their marriage she always worked as a seamstress. She always loved vegetable gardens and to plant beautiful flowers. After retiring from the military they settled down in Valdosta, Georgia.

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