Announcing OneMillionPushUpChallenge


Help fight against childhood obesity


Fayetteville, NC – August 22, 2016 – Sabria Burns presents the #OMPUC One-Million-Push-Up-Challenge. Sabria Burns is also known as “The Princess of Fitness” because she have been on mission since she was 8 years old to raise awareness of childhood obesity and put an end to it. She has been traveling the country, using her family’ s limited funds, teaching kids how to get fit by exercising regularly and developing healthy eating habits. She has dedicated half of her life to this cause, and her family has been very supportive but now Sabria needs your help to allow her to continue on er mission to stomp out childhood obesity.


Sabria doesn’t want to be unable to share her “gift” with other children because of economics on her part or theirs. Her message is very important and she has reached thousands of kids already. She has made an real impact teaching exercises and healthy diets and behaviors. Sabria’s program model is simple but it works.


Sabria’s programs need money to purchase fitness materials, handouts and prizes for kids, workout equipment (jump ropes, cones, exercise balls, weights, jerseys, T-shirts, ), fitness obstacle courses, rental locations for programs.


Her goal is to raise $150,000 for the SabriaFit project. She is reaching out to her friends, family, individuals that she knows and don’t know, companies, and people all around the world looking to make a difference, to support her in her quest to heal the world. Help Sabria help those in need.


About SabriaFit


The mission of Sabria Fitness is to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles for children. Sabria travels around the country to provide educational information about the risks of poor eating habits and the lack of physical activity.

Sabria is a talented young lady that is a larger than life character. She achieved her claim to fame when she was only 8 years old, by doing more than 100 continuous push-ups in less than 90 seconds. She has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not, she also has performed fitness demonstrations for NBA crowds. She has also done public demonstrations, competing against professional athletes and entertainers and remains unbeaten in her push-up contests. Sabria is a role model and she inspires children and adults to make time to take care of their bodies by eating right and exercising to get fit. Her goal is to help reverse the trend of illnesses associated with childhood obesity by getting people to attack the problem head on and learn to make healthy eating choices and becoming more active on a regular basis to get fit.


Sabria the “Fitness Princess” achieves her goals of spreading the word about health and fitness for kids by giving FREE presentations and demonstrations to schools, YMCAs and other youth community programs. She has dedicated her young life to sharing the message of promoting childhood health,nutritious eating habits, regular fitness activity and fighting the crisis childhood obesity.


To LEARN MORE or to DONATE to SabriaFit, please visit:

Sabria Burns

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