Announcing Rebekah’s Campaign for a Chronic Illness Surgery


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Tarpon Springs, FL – August 30, 2016 – Rebekah Harrell has struggled with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis her entire life. Endometriosis: Abnormal tissue grows outside of the uterus, clinging and often forming adhesions to other organs, causing painful scar tissue.

Adenomyosis: When endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, exists within and grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. Physically, she suffers from chronic pain in her pelvis, her lower back, and her legs. She suffers from chronic exhaustion and depression from having this on her plate, which has led her to lose 35 pounds. She tries to stay as positive as possible, and no person she knows would take her as a person to ask monetarily for help, but after her father suddenly passed away in his sleep last year, she has been taken off all coverage of insurance. She has been denied Medicaid and I cannot enlist and get insurance until January of next year. Rebekah has struggled for months with insurance companies and interim companies and have found no relief or help or guidance.


She doesn’t discuss her issues or health issues with anyone but close family and friends because of her embarrassment and disgust. Rebekah has tried alternative medications, homeopathic remedies, yoga, diet changes, supplements, pain medications, heat therapy – nothing helps her pain. It is chronic and it is debilitating her life.


This is a disorder that makes it so when you have a flare up, you have to lay in bed in the fetal position, crying from pain, constantly vomiting and always uncomfortable. It is considered a disability. As the years pass, the pain becomes worse. I had to quit her job last year because of the pain and discomfort and constant sickness. Rebekah has weeks where she is bed-ridden and days where she cannot function at all. Her only option is to work and school from home, which is still extremely uncomfortable.


She wishes nothing but happiness and fortitude for everyone, and she can hardly believe her beautiful and compassionate friend Meghan even considered me enough to make one of these accounts. For anything you can give, whoever you may be, even if it’s a kind thought; she loves you forever; she’ll be indebted to you forever; and she would give anything in this world to show you that.


The ONLY solution to this illness is surgery. There is no miracle medication. There are no other options. The surgery as I have been quoted by my OBGYN and hospital is $12,000. A GoFundMe campaign has been started on behalf of Rebekah Harrell.


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Meghan Simpson

Tarpon Springs, FL