Announcing the Bimpies Mobile App that Allows Anyone to Create Their Own Service Offering


A first time entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley change the world for the better and re-invent work


Sunnyvale, CA — September 16, 2015 – John Chang, a first time entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley has worked in various startups the last 6 years and was given an amazing idea by God 3 months ago! John has been pitching to investors, angels, VCs over the last several months and will continue to do his pitch. However, they have some operating expenses and need to hire developers to make this vision come true. Therefore, John is asking for your help to make his Bimpies Mobile App become a reality.

The Bimpies Mobile App is a cutting edge mobile app that allows anyone to create their own service offering starting at $10. Bimpies don’t restrict people to do household chores, etc. Instead, Bimpies wants people to pursue their talents and passion and help them get paid.  Hence, it’s a marketplace for service providers and it helps people to become Entrepreneurs. The app is real time and location mapped. Meaning, customers can type in any type of service they’re looking for and a local service provider if clocked in, can see their profile and pay for those services via the app. And more features are coming and developed.

The Bimpies Team believes most people work a 8-5 simply out of necessity because they have to pay bills. But John Chang is reminded of Eph 2:10, that God has created us do great works in advance. This means, if people are not happy with their work there is a calling from their soul; they are meant to do something else. They are meant to take their talent and god given abilities to do amazing things! The Bimpies app helps people!

Bimpies is currently in development and bootstraping it at this time. So John and his team are looking to raise $50K to help them with marketing and operations costs that’ll help them launch their app 1st quarter in 2016. Anything helps!


About the Bimpies Team

The Bimpies Team have a business plan, and 3 co-founders that is extremely dedicated to this startup. This team includes John Chang – Founder/CEO who is in charge of Product Marketing / Management. Moshiul Arefin – Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder who has 15 years of technology experience and Founder of Global Intertech, acquired by Nighthawk Contros, Hannah Nguyen, Operations who has a background in consumer banking, operations, real estate and mortgage. Lisa Mendricks – Business Development Manager. Last but not least, Peter Kuo  – Cofounder and Advisor who was a District 14 Nominee for California, State Senate 2014 and also the Founder of SVIG & DCLC.


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John Chang

Sunnyvale, CA