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Because Birding in your own Backyard could be Paradise!


Tijeras, NM – August 22, 2016 – We admire birds for their beauty and songs, and the grace of their ability to fly.  We also admire their importance to the ecosystem. Yes! Birds provide many direct and indirect contributions to the environment. Birds are also excellent indicators of environmental health as changes in bird populations can tell us a great deal about the impacts of climate change, drought, weather, and habitat change on the environment.


In June of 2016, Dog Head Fire in New Mexico was ablaze and had consumed nearly 18,000 acres. Nearly 1,000 firefighters worked around the clock to contain it and it was only 10 miles from the tranquil beauty from the home of Kristen Clark. Her husband packed a few items and headed down the mountain to safety.  “I don’t know what will happen to our place or our things,” he said. “It’s just stuff.  You’re all that matters,” Kristen said back. Later that evening Kristen thought about the devastation. Most of the land that had been consumed was natural forest and she wondered… what about the birds?


Kristen had mixed emotions about the fire.  Her heart ached for the resulting loss: nearly 18,000 acres of beautiful forest and wildlife.  But she was also grateful. Their home and belongings were spared. Her husband and their friends were eventually able to return to their homes.  And, they now have ample opportunity to provide food, water, and habitat to any displaced and stressed birds.


Kristen’s goal is to share the magic and beauty of our fine feathered friends in the hope that someday others, perhaps you, will have the chance to visit their mountain personally, experience the breathtaking views this enchanted landscape has to offer, and discover the magic of our treasured birds.


About Backyard Birding Paradise


Kristen Clark is a fan of all things beautiful, with a special love for nature. Butterflies, birds, flowers – you name it and I love it. That’s why I created, to share her experience in backyard birding with other people who share the same passion for all things beautiful! And because connecting with Nature helps us feel better – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually!



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