Announcing the Health + Water Beverage that Promotes Healthy Living for Everyone


Health+ Water combines Resveratrol, Cannibidiol (CBD), Collagen and 5 supplements all in 9.5 ph H2O.


Las Vegas, NV – October 23, 2015 – Health+ Water is the culmination of years of research and input from doctors, scientists, lawyers (unfortunately), rain makers (yes really) and even farmers. Our formulation of dietary supplements aims to give and maintain that youthful appearance that we are all looking for. Our unique and highly effective way of delivering all of these supplements assures maximum absorption and bio-availability. 


You get 8 supplements in tasteless alkaline water (Ph 9.5) at a fraction of the price you would spend on each of these supplements.  CBD alone sells for $20 for a 10 mg pill (the equivalent dosage you will get in one bottle of Health+ Water). One very unique and exciting part of the Health + Water formulation is the addition of Cannibidiol, or CBD for short. It’s found in both Cannabis and Hemp. Studies have shown it to be beneficial in the treatment of a number of conditions including epilepsy, neuro-disorders like depression and also as an effective anti-inflammatory. Studies have also shown positive results in the fight against everything from Alzheimers to Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and even spinal trauma. There is even a recent admission by The National Cancer Institute that CBD has been shown to kill cancer cells. While years of extensive testing will be required before the FDA validates any of these findings, it is clear that the growing mountain of evidence is if anything…. compelling.


About Health + Water

Health+ Water is the first beverage of its kind. Bringing together Cannibidiol (CBD). Collagen and Resveratrol, along with five other vital supplements. Using a special process called nano-particulation, all of the supplements are made exponentially more available to your body than traditional pills.


The makers believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with putting things in our body that are naturally occurring and that have positive research to back them up. While they can’t claim that these things will help you live longer or that they provide all the answers, they encourage you to do the research, watch some of the videos we have linked, and form your own opinion…and then fight for your cells!


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Chris Martin

Las Vegas, NV