Announcing the Oh! My Nappy Hair Film Fundraiser


Introducing a documentary about the history of African-American nappy hair


Oakland, CA — November 27, 2015 — Mother Rosario Schuler and daughter Erica are raising funds to equip them with the necessary tools for filming a documentary of African-American nappy hair while covering the major regions of the United States. This film will explore the journey of one woman’s inspiration, and trailblazing experience from a heartfelt concept to a famous chain of salons.  


Why should people fund a documentary about the history of nappy hair? Culture is very important. There is a great need for a better understanding and appreciation and acceptance of nappy (tightly coiled) natural hair both in terms of self-empowerment and building true confidence, and as a way to educate others and our young about the beauty and richness of a culture that is still too often misunderstood.


About Oh! My Nappy Hair

The film explains a desire to start a business addressing African-American’s God-given hair textures; thereby. utilizing a word that was coined by African-Americans “Nappy”. The word

Nappy began with a positive and ultimately became tabooed. Having created the first hair salon business in commerce with the word “Nappy” etched on it created it became a cultural controversy and triggered deep emotions through the use of a taboo word and a foreign concept of beauty.


This film will take you on the ride from that moment forward when African-Americans decided to utilize the word, and wrap their hands around all with curly textured “Nappy” hair and help one to embrace one’s own hair with pride. This film will visit the current natural hair movement and dissect a history of flare ups of natural “Nappy” hair trends. Uniquely, the essential perspectives that helped to bring this prolific concept to fruition, will share the reason why it is bigger than ever now and why it’s still growing throughout our nation and abroad.


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Rosario Thefirst Rosario Schuler

323 202-6713