Announcing the Pet Surgery World Tour 2016

Two ambulances and a world tour for helping sick animals in poor families.

Los Angeles, CA – February 5, 2015 – Pet Surgery is a Nonprofit Organization composed of volunteers and veterinary professionals. They are proud to announce their Pet Surgery Tour which will provide free medicare for animals of disadvantaged families. The initiative is to find poor families around the world with sick animals and help them with free surgery and therapy services. To help with the Pet Surgery World Tour 2016, they need your support.

The New Pet Surgery World Tour 2016


During their first Pet Surgery European tour in 2015, they have already helped more than 3K poor families, bringing them:

·         Controls

·         Diagnosis

·         Surgery

·         Treatment

·         Medical Rehabilitation

·         Everything for free, with professionality, diligence and love.

For the brand new 2K16 Tour they want to achieve the 6K helped families goal (+100%)!

The tour will start in June 2016. Pet Surgery is going to rent two ambulances, buy medicine and medical supplies, and leave for Europe (Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, France). Next September they’re going to move to the US and try to visit the highest number of cities available with their budget. They’ll spend a lot of time and energy in NY and LA, where the problem is quite important, but we will never forget little towns.

About Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery was born in March 2014, when the economic crisis has become stronger and many families, all over the world, have started to have money troubles. The result was a rising number of ill pets not cured or abandoned.

They are all volunteers from different regions of of the world (Europe, Asia, America). People who love animals and do everything they can for making the world a better place. The surgery unit is composed by 5 veterinarian volunteers. The work unit is composed by 30 volunteers. The not permanent unit is composed by 10 volunteers. The logistic and communication unit is composed by 2 volunteers

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Manuel Villanova

Los Angeles, CA