Announcing Treycent, The New Era of Voice Content Retrieval


Lighting Fast Retrieval, Frustration Free Browsing..


Sarasota, FL – August 12, 2016 – If you are a smartphone owner, chances are you already know how frustrating it is to quickly find the content you are looking for with the ever growing amounts of data we have stored. Treycent is here to provide you with the tools that make the task of retrieving personal content such as photos, notes, and documents a little bit easier.


Lighting Fast Retrieval, Frustration Free Browsing. With roughly 2 billion smartphones in the world, 92% of them are used to take photos/videos etc. and, on average, 600 photos are stored on each device.


The Treycent apps use custom voice commands that lets you retrieve personal content on your smartphone, desktop computer and smartwatch. Content like personal photos, notes, documents and videos as well as frequently visited websites; hassle-free, fast and virtually hands-free!


These apps are so far the most complete ones available as they’ll let you seamlessly access both private content and public domain content through our integration with Amazon’s Alexa.


Use the simple, intuitive and sleek User Interface to tag content so that future retrievals are faster and available on all your devices. Also you can share tagged content with friends or colleagues which means they’ll be able to access the content you’ve shared using the voice commands you’ve tagged them with. For example, different sets of photos could be tagged with voice commands such as “best selfies”, “favorite lunch photos”, etc.


About Treycent


Smartphone, smartwatch, and desktop computer users will embrace the use of voice commands to retrieve their personal photos, notes, and other content because finding what you want is becoming more difficult and time consuming and speech input is the most natural user interface. Treycent apps allow users to tag content with voice commands making future retrieval faster and easier. Content includes photos, notes, videos, documents, and web pages and  can exist on the public internet or private intranets behind password or firewall protection. In addition, voice commands can be shared between friends or team members or even within an organization. Coming Soon:  Treycent will soon be adding Alexa integration. Alexa is the tech behind Amazon Echo. This means that Treycent users will be able to ask general questions and spoken replies like Siri!


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Donald McSwain

Sarasota, FL