Australian features top 10 most interesting waterfalls


The British publication Daily Mirror published a list of the ten most interesting waterfalls in the world, based on tour company customer`s feedback. Interestingly, the famous Niagara Falls, located on the border of the United States and Canada was not included.

       Montmorency (Quebec, Canada)

With an altitude of about 84 meters (30 meters higher than Niagara Falls), Montmorency is located very close to the center of Quebec. Top can be reached by cable car and cliffs are connected by the suspension bridge. In summer waterfall is a background for the international competition of fireworks, and in winter tourists are attracted by “Sugar Loaf” – a huge ice cone formed at fall’s foot.

       Annandale (Saint George, Grenada)

Not far from nation’s capital is one of its major attractions. In addition to picturesque views, visitors can watch the jumping cliff-diving, live music and go for a swim in the cool water.

       Gullfoss Haukadalur (Iceland)

“Golden Falls” is the most famous in Iceland. It feeds the glacier Laungyёkudl. Two separate streams fall into the Grand Canyon from a height of 11 and 22 meters respectively. If you look at a certain angle, it may seem that deep river fades away into the ground. This waterfall is deservedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

       Damajagua (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic)

Twenty-seven natural watercourses and lakes at an altitude of up to 8 meters, carved by nature in the thick limestone lush rainforest. Tourists can climb up to the seventh, twelfth and twenty-seventh mountain`s cascade, and then go down swimming, climbing, jumping and diving accompanied by a professional conductor.

       McKenzie (Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia)

MacKenzie Falls in the state of Victoria is located on the eponymous river, which flows through the Grampians National Park. It is the most famous waterfall of the park, which is very widely replicated picture – and deservedly so. McKenzie Located in a surprisingly beautiful area, makes us constantly turn head around and click the camera. Water flies swift lacy splashes, creating rainbow at the foot of fall. Truly fascinating!

Diamond Soufriere (Soufriere, St. Lucia)

This pearl of the local botanical gardens is just a kilometer from the center of the town of Soufriere. The waterfall is 17 meters and sulfur, copper sulfate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium, colors rocky slope behind the flow. The reason for such diversity is the nearby active volcano.

       Victoria (Zambia / Zimbabwe)

This fall forms the border between the two South African countries. A width of 1.7 kilometers, makes it the world’s largest wall of falling water. The noise of the waterfall can be heard within a radius of 40 kilometers. Some thrill seekers does here surfing, kayaking, and bungee jumping and descending on a rope, others choose flight over the roaring cascades in a helicopter or light plane.

       Haew Suwat (Khao Yai National Park/Thailand)

Filmgoers probably are familiar with this 15-meter waterfall, known for the film “The Beach”. It is close to major tourist sites and is very popular. Smaller Heew Sai is a 15-minute journey down the river, and there usually are not many tourists.

       Wallaman (Girringun National Park, Queensland, Australia)

Uollaman Waterfall – the highest in Australia. The total height of it – 340 meters, and the height of the continuous drop – 305 meters. It is located in North Queensland, on the River Stony Creek. This territory is humid tropics, which is a UNESCO as part of World Heritage. Camping is available near the waterfall, so staying here will be quite comfortable. If desired, you can admire not only from above, but also down to the foot.

       Sopoaga (lotus-eaters, Western Samoa)

One of the main natural attractions in the South Pacific is Sopoaga waterfall. Exotic plants surround the path leading to the viewing platform. It offers a view of the 30-meter-long stream, sparkling amidst tropical greenery. In addition, there can be learned from how to clean coconuts and cook food in an earth oven Umu.

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