Legacy Brooks Luxury Apartment Resort Hosts the 21st Annual National Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame Press Conference on September 18, 2015

  Chichi Rodriguez PGA Golfer and Ernesto Ancira to be honored San Antonio— Award dinner being held September 19, 2015—Latinos in Action announces their 21st Annual National Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame Award dinner being held at Oak Hills Country Club at 7pm. The National Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame is a 501C3 non- profit organization that provides young students with positive role models and focuses on education. During the last 20 years, they have awarded approximately $80,000.00 to over 100 students. To be honored on Saturday night’s award ceremony, PGA great Chichi Rodriguez , All American Baseball Player Sylvester Perez, All American Basketball Player Gabriel C Ramirez, LX Rey Feo Richard Ojeda , Lifetime Achievement award recipient Ernesto Ancira, and 1961 Golden Glove Featherweight Champion and 1993 Senior Golf Champion Rey Cevallos. September 18, 2015 —Press Conference will be held at 10:30am, Legacy Brooks Luxury Apartment Resort followed by a South San Antonio Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony that will include the presentation of colors, mariachis, live music; drinks and lunch will also be provided for attendees. Location: 7035 Pickwell San Antonio, Texas 78223.  At this years press conference, we will have Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt Santiago Erevia in[…]


Amazon Launches a Chilling Supernatural Thriller Novel the Awakening of Myra Thomas

Screenwriter releases her newest supernatural thriller that has been described as the most chilling supernatural novel of 2015. The book is available from Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download. San Diego screenwriter, Ramona Frye, has released her newest work, a supernatural drama called “The Awakening of Myra Thomas”. The book is currently available on the Amazon as a paperback and Kindle download. The story is a longer version of the screenplay of the same name. The thriller tells the tales of a spirit lost in time. Readers are introduced to the main character, Myra, a Negro slave who undergoes tremendous hardship. She and her long-time love attempt a daring escape, only to be captured and lynched after a few days after running for freedom. Myra’s visions of returning has mysteriously manifested in a way that she never could have imagined.. The story jumps to more than a century beyond Myra’s sad demise to modern times where the reader finds that Myra’s spirit has awakened in the body of Karen, a white business woman. Karen must deal with the brutal beatings, rapes, and emotional upheaval that Myra endured more than a century prior. Author Ramona Frye weaves the painful[…]


Panama Relocation Tours Celebrates Five Years In Central America’s Tourism Industry

  Celebrating five years in Central America’s tourism industry, Panama Relocation Tours™ continues to invite guests to Panama for all-inclusive six-day and five-night tour packages to learn how affordable living in Panama is. The company provides information on what people need to know about moving to and living in Panama. Panama Relocation Tours is today celebrating five years of providing tours in Panama for people of all ages who are interested in moving abroad and starting a new life. The company was set up by Jackie Lange to give people the information they need and to show those people the real Panama. With the high cost of living in countries such as the UK and the USA, more people are now looking to move to more affordable countries. One of those popular countries is Panama, which in recent years has seen a huge increase in the number of people from USA and UK relocate there. The aim of Panama Tours is not to sell to people but instead to provide important information to help people decide if Panama is the country that is suitable to them. They provide information that includes visa, renting or buying a property. Other information provided[…]


The Australian Pinnacle Health Clinic Provide Natural Solutions to Help People Avoid Diabetes

The diabetes problem in Australia is increasing. With over 1.7 million people suffering from diabetes, medical experts believe this serious problem could bring serious problems to hospitals all over Australia. Some experts feel unless the diabetes problem is tackled, hospitals could be forced to delay important operations to deal with the rising number of diabetes cases. However, The Pinnacle health Clinic believe they can reduce the problem through natural therapy. Will Shannon, the son of Pinnacle Health Clinic’s founder, Eli Shamon, is one of the most well-known naturopaths. He is determined to help people understand how Type 2 Diabetes is avoidable through natural therapy and exercise. It is estimated that over 1.7 million people in Australia have diabetes, but not every one of those people is aware they suffer from the serious medical condition. Many believe this figure could more than double over the next ten years, and that is why Will Shannon wants to make people understand how natural therapy can help combat these figures. Natural therapy is being used all over Australia to help people with many different conditions including fighting diabetes. Pinnacle Health Clinic (www.pinnacleclinic.com), who has become a leading authority in natural therapy and who help[…]