DSAJ and MatrixOneSource continue partnership for World Down Syndrome Day Event, March 19th   Jacksonville, FL – MatrixOneSource will continue its unique community partnership with non-profit organization, The Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville by sponsoring DSAJ’s Annual World Down Syndrome Day Celebration. This event, held in conjunction with other festivities celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, will take place at Unity Plaza in Jacksonville on Saturday, March 19 from 5:30-8:30pm. This celebration is the most popular   event the DSAJ hosts and changed venues to Unity Plaza this year due to popular demand. Over 200 people are expected to attend the party that features food, music, dancing, a live auction and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to connect with friends, families and residents of the Jacksonville community. “We are thankful for the continued partnership of MatrixOneSource and are thrilled about change of venue,” says Executive Director Debbie Revels. “We hope that we are able to reach more of the Jacksonville community by hosting the event at Unity Plaza and are excited about the opportunity to have our biggest World Down Syndrome Day Celebration yet.”   The Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville is a non-profit organization committed to helping people[…]

Source: Launches New Mobile Home Parts E-Commerce Website

ENTERPRISE, AL., February 16, 2016–A trailer may be just a moving automobile with some comfortable furnishings for some people, but other people consider it an investment and a home. Nowadays, there are different types of mobile homes, whether modular, modern manufactured or a traditional RV, and each of them have their own maintenance needs in the form of accessories and essential supplies. Both brand-new trailers and used RV homes alike can benefit from a remodeling project, aside from being an exciting venture in itself. The launch of new website ensures that mobile home owners make a wise choice and get only the highest quality parts at the best price.  The specialized company manufactures supplies and aftermarket products driven by a trailer home’s need for their items to be quite compact and a great space saver. Their expertise lends itself to completing a trailer’s look and overall functionality, whether in the form of new hardware, extra parts or accessories for all kinds of mobile homes. Most importantly, the mobile home parts retailer gives every owner the opportunity of a great experience. Out of the myriad of concerns owners are faced with, a mobile home’s bathroom is usually the first part[…]

Source: Opens with Revolutionary Professional Training

CHARLOTTE, NC., FEBRUARY 6, 2016 – Eyebrows have always been one of the most expressive facial features that allow anyone to drastically improve their appearance and also act as a strong fashion statement.   Nadine Pro Salon has recently opened to offer beauty professionals high quality training in a revolutionary, non-invasive technique called Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building & Sculpting. This is an exciting and completely new treatment in the beauty industry.   Sleek Brows 3D,  is more than just eyebrow grooming, it is a perfected technique of creating and sculpting brows to a desired shape and fullness, working with the natural eyebrow shape, rather than against it.   Skilled Technicians, strive to achieve the perfect symmetry using the patented 3D Sleek Brow technology, which is the secret of young looking and beautiful brows. This technology is unique in the industry and comprises two separate methods.   The first involves placing real brow hairs onto the existing brow, creating definition and fullness. The second method which uses a special 3D textured paint, is expertly applied in light strokes to give the brow a beautiful 3D appearance, shape and fullness.   Beauty professionals after completion of the course will be able[…]


A New Online Free Facebook Marketing Tool Called Facebook Auto Post Launched

The new tool allows people to promote on Facebook without spending a great deal of time sending posts out one at a time. Start building a list of targeted prospects and buyers with every automated campaign that can be run with Fb Auto Post Bot. A new online marketing tool has been launched on Google Play called Fb AutoPostBot Lite. It has been launched by Online Marketing Solution and is available to use for free. It simplifies the whole process of promoting on Facebook and users can upgrade to the pro version. The online marketing tool allows a person to build a targeted list and post to those pages, or groups. The AutoPostBot removes the time wasted posting to each page or group at once and allows the user to automatically post their messages and campaigns. Through the time saved, it allows a person to use that time to either promote another campaign or undertake other roles to make the event or campaign a success. Facebook has become a very important social media platform for marketing professionals. It’s a quick way to promote events, books, business opportunities, and other campaigns to get an immediate response. The AutoPostBot takes full advantage[…]