Amazon Launch Note Glass Pro-The Reliable Screen Protector For The Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  Note 5 Screen Protector Premium Tempered Glass (2 Pack)-The Best Screen Film Protector 9H Hardness and Easy Install-Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The product is available on Amazon with a limited discounted price and has received five-star reviews.   Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new screen protector to their shopping platform. The screen protector, which is being sold by Oltetzgadgets, provides complete protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.   The Reliable Screen Protector For The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is currently available for a limited discounted price of $15.99; normal retail price is $34.99. A spokesman for Oltetzgadgets has said the price is for a limited promotional period only and will go back to its normal retail price.   The Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Protector has been designed to provide protection of the screen with the world’s strongest material. It provides five layers of anti-fingerprint coating and is scratch resistant. It also provides protection through shatterproof film, which means the glass is protected if the mobile device is accidentally dropped.   The product has become an important accessory for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners. When a[…]


Cognition Life Science Signs An Agreement with Health Partners Institute For Education And Research

  TAMPA, Fla., Feb 2, 2016 – Cognition Life Science, Inc. (CLS), announced today that it has selected Dr. William H. Frey     to serve as a Scientific Advisor.    Dr. William H. Frey II is the Founder and Co-Director of the Alzheimer’s Research Center at Regions Hospital, Professor of Pharmaceutics and faculty member in Neurology, Oral Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Dr. Frey’s non-invasive intranasal method for bypassing the blood-brain barrier to rapidly delivery and target therapeutic agents to the brain along the olfactory and trigeminal neural pathways while reducing systemic exposure and unwanted side effects has captured the interest of both pharmaceutical companies and neuroscientists.  The intranasal insulin treatment he developed for Alzheimer’s disease has been shown in multiple clinical trials to improve memory in both Alzheimer’s patients and normal adults. The intranasal therapeutic (stem) cell treatment he discovered has been shown to bypass the blood-brain barrier to treat Parkinson’s, stroke, neonatal ischemia, multiple sclerosis and subarachnoid hemorrhage in animal models of these disorders.   About Cognition Life Science, Inc. – Cognition Life Science, Inc. is a privately held new pharmaceutical company which was formed to explore,[…]


Richman Trading Launch Their Hand And Grip Strengthener Exercise Rings Flex-O-Fist On Amazon

  Varying Resistance Silicone Hand Strengthener Exercise Rings for Physical Therapy Training Rehabilitation of Muscles for Stroke or Repetitive Strain Injury & Stress Help Maintain Dexterity. The product is currently available for a limited discounted price. Since being launched on Amazon, they have become a popular product and have received five-star reviews. Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce the launch of a new exercise and fitness product to their shopping platform. The Grip Strengthener Exercise Rings, Flex-O-Fist has been designed for physical therapy, training and rehabilitation of muscles for stroke or repetitive strain injury and stress. They also help maintain dexterity and help exercise the hands, fingers and muscles of the lower arm and biceps to both strengthen and tone them. The 3 Varying Resistance Silicone Hand Strengthener Exercise Rings are currently available with a limited celebration discount where they are available for $9.99 with free shipping on orders $35. A spokesman for Richman Trading has said once the limited discount offer has ended; the product will go back to its retail price of $19.99. The Grip Strengthener Exercise Rings are easy to carry around and can easily fit in a pocket. Since being launched on[…]


Simply Grinding’s Versatile Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder Becomes Brand Registered on

British company Tickety Boo Trading announced today  that they have successfully registered the versatile Herb Spice and Tobacco Grinder with

By registering their brand with the US giant, Tickety Boo Trading have taken the first step in establishing a fully protected brand name in the Herb Grinder market. A move that is bound to secure the product on the Amazon platform for many years to come.

Amazon only accepts applications from traders who can prove ownership of the brand through branding and holding an accepted domain name.

The brand ‘Simply Grinding’ sums up how easy it is to grind herbs, tobacco and spices and shows just how versatile the product is.

After launching the Simply Grinding Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder at the start of January 2016, Tickety Boo Trading have looked to establish their position as a leading manufacturer of Herb Spice and Tobacco Grinders.

Company spokesperson, Caroline Jones says “We are delighted that Amazon has accepted our application for brand recognition. It’s been a successful start for us working with Amazon and we look forward to establishing our brand further in the future.”

Customers can buy the versatile Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder here on Amazon – Media Contact:  Caroline Jones