In2town Speaks To Blanca Vergara About The Free Online Event On Meaningful Business

  Blanca Vergara has announced there will be a free online business event from November 23rd to 25th titled “Building the Heart Centered Economy”. The event will bring respected teachers together to help people achieve positive thinking and better business.   We decided to get together with Blanca Vergara and ask her about the event.   Q. I’ve seen these telesummits and interview series all over the place. What’s so special about this one? What makes this one different? When I dreamed up the Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit, I specifically wanted to create the opposite of a telesummit style event. I’ve found that most of us are too busy for a virtual event that stretches out for weeks {or even months!}. This is exactly why I’ve design this event this way. The Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit is different in several key ways… 1. We are not just repeating the old same content that you’ve heard recycled for the past 15 years. This is brand new! Look, most heart centered business conferences focus on 2 education tracks: Track 1) Paint by numbers business models, which are a  contradiction to heart centeredness Track 2) Be happy, positive thinking,[…]


Free Online Event On Meaningful Business Scheduled For November 23rd to 25th

  Building the Heart Centered Economy is a free online seminar offered by Blanca Vergara and a group of nine thought leaders. The purpose of the free event is to implement ideas for a more heart-centered economy in the world. Blanca Vergara is pleased to announce the world’s first summit for leaders who want to create a fresh new alternative for business. The free event, scheduled for November 23rd to 25th is titled “Building the Heart Centered Economy”. The free online event features the world’s most respected teachers who will share their vision for a future, which is more human and humane. The summit combines profound and practical content. The world’s first Heart Centered Economy Summit has received a great deal of attention with the number of well-known speakers who will be offering their advice. The event is set to bring business people together from around the world and build new leadership capabilities and provide a more positive solution in developing a business. A number of well-known speakers are bringing their knowledge and experience to the event. In addition to host Blanca Vergara, attendees can interact with Pamela Slim, Howard Martin, Joy Perreras, Nikkea Devid, Diana Dentinger,  Grant Soosalu,  Bertil[…]

Source: Offers Teeth Whitening Gel Kits For Holiday Gift Giving

  Hartlepool, UK –, a leading retailer and wholesaler of teeth whitening supplies, is helping people around the world give the gift of whiter smiles this holiday season with a selection of EU-approved, teeth whitening kits.   Studies have found that the majority of adults value the appearance of a person’s smile and feel that white teeth make a positive first impression. Surveys have also revealed that people around the world view an attractive smile as a positive asset in the workplace and feel that a pearly white grin helps make a person more appealing to the prospective romantic partners.   Although cultures around the world place high importance on the appearance of teeth, most people today do not have perfectly white smiles. Teeth whitening is the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry service in the UK and abroad due to the widespread desire for having a whiter smile.   Because teeth whitening can be beneficial for so many people, teeth whitening kits are becoming popular choices for holiday gift giving. In years past, has seen an increase in customers purchasing teeth whitening products for other people in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.   For the[…]


TV Dragon and I’m A Celebrity Star cashes in on private number plate

  Duncan Bannatyne, Chairman of the Bannatyne Group, serial entrepreneur and investor best known for his appearances on TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’ and now the hit show ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, has sold his cherished number plate, 6 AVS, privately through the number plate classifieds website Plate Trader. He initially posted a tweet on Twitter to ask if anyone was interested in buying the plate, and from there the Plate-Trader team got in touch with his PA. Duncan agreed to advertise the plate via their site, which is a classifieds site for personalised number plates, allowing buyers and sellers to deal directly rather than through a dealer or middleman, saving both parties money as no commission is taken from sales. Due to Duncan’s high profile, the Plate Trader team agreed to handle any enquiries about the plate to stop any bogus enquiries from coming through.  A few months later, the team received an enquiry from Mr G. Singh, who had found the plate on their site and was interested in purchasing it. He made an offer and after some negotiating, a deal was agreed. The Plate-Trader team helped to advise both parties on how to complete[…]