Trip Koala Launches New Travel Photo Sharing Site

  New website gives people the opportunity to share their travel photos. Users of the Trip Koala can upload their images and vote on the pictures photos on the site. The site gives people a great opportunity to see different pictures from around the world. A new travel photo sharing website has been launched to allow people to share their travel photos. Trip Koala gives people the opportunity to share their images with friends, relatives loved ones and other users of the site. The site, which is split into six regions including Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, and Oceania, allows people to vote for the images photos they like. The site gives people a great opportunity to see what different places are like around the world before they travel. To learn more about Trip Koala and to share images, please visit


FEELDOPE Premium CBD Infused vape E-Juice

Feel Dope LLC. Born and Raised out of Las Vegas Nevada. The CBD infused e-juice company that is coming out and making waves with its premium vapor liquids. All the highest graded material are used and fused together  in the USA to make Feel Dope E-liquids. 100% organic and 50 state legal industrial Hemp is used for the extraction of the Cannabidiol or CBD, separating the useful cannabinoids from the THC. Unlike THC , CBD does not cause a high, because CBD is not psycho-active and does not contain any psycho-active properties. CBD however has a wide range of medical benefits and the list continues to grow. Some of the health benefits include 1. The reduction of nausea and vomiting. 2. Suppresses seizure activity 3. Combats inflammatory disorders 4. Combats neurodegenerative disorders 5. Combats tumor and cancer cells 6. Combats anxiety and depression disorders. More and more evidence of CBD’s medical benefits continue to grow. In a world where consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the of the harmful things we put in our bodies , CBD is a good healthy choice and path to take to help without the everyday health ritual. There is absolutely zero nicotine in all[…]

Source: Makes Gifts Under $15 Fun, Unique and Unforgettable

  People looking for a special, new way to send a personal message will find the perfect gift at   Hollywood, CA – While email is all the rage, and online Ecards have replaced hand written letters, actually receiving something personal in the mail is basically a thing of the past.  Sadly, outside of orders from, the days of standard mail are mostly dead. There is still something special about receiving a personalized message or package in the mail, but a common letter, handwritten or typed, is so boring and flowers are expensive.  Instead, what about sending a message on a potato?  It may sound crazy, but the trend has caught on and the Potato missive has been making headlines in the NEWS.   Those who want to be different, to grab the attention of the receiver and make an impression, will want to try this unique gift service provided by  It’s a great new way to send a message to your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or anyone you want to remember you. It’s an unforgettable gift that lasts forever, because it’s on a potato!  The idea has become so popular, there are “potato messaging” sites sprouting[…]


Hébergement gratuit pour les citoyens français en attendant la réouverture des frontières

  Barcelone, Espagne – Catalunya Casas offre l’hébergement gratuit aux citoyens français ne pouvant pas rentrer chez à cause de la fermeture des frontières. Les citoyens français bloqués en Catalogne suite aux attaques terroristes du 13 Novembre sont priés de contacter Catalunya Casas par e-mail Nous offrons l’hébergement gratuits aux personnes ne pouvant rentrer chez eux à cause de la fermeture des frontières.     Catalunya Casas:   Nous sommes spécialisés dans la location de villas (avec jardin et piscine!) proches de la ville de Barcelone pour que les vacanciers puissent profiter à la fois de la vie citadine et également de ses campagnes environnantes Catalane. Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir vous offrir de prestations personnalisées et des activités uniques (gastronomiques, aventurières, culturelles) ainsi que de vous offrir notre service exceptionnel.     Contact:   Dawn Buckler Calle Serra de Sant Feliu, 21 Castellar del Valles, Barcelona 08211 Office: (+34) 93 002 8742 Mobile: (+34) 610 476 501