Baron Jay Foundation partners with Western Golf Association, Evans Scholars Foundation to Send Caddies to College on Full Ride Scholarships

Baron Jay Foundation is seeking girls in the 8th, 9th and 10th grade to attend 2016 Caddie Academy in its fourth summer, offering 43 girls from across the country a chance to caddie – in hopes of someday earning the ultimate reward, and Evan Scholarship.

Baron Jay Littleton Jr., a Filmmaker and Social Entrepreneur is an alumni of the Western Golf Association Evan Scholarship Program. He was a caddy at Detroit Golf Club and earned a 4 year Evan Scholarship to Michigan State University and also was a walk-on football player under legendary Coach Nick Saban. Baron states “Being a golf caddy increase my social confidence because I was caddying for politicians and business leaders in the community who were Presidents and CEO’s of major companies who were influential in my character development and mindset.”

For seven weeks in the summer, from June 21- August 8, 43 girls from across the country get a chance to live together at the Northwestern Evans Scholarship House and caddie at one of eight local golf and country clubs along Chicago’s North Shore.

The WGA Caddie Academy, now its fourth year, allows participants – with an emphasis on minorities and those from economically disadvantage backgrounds – an opportunity to experience the benefits of caddying, from learning life lessons to being around successful adults. The program is fully funded by a generous donor.

“For seven weeks, these girls caddie and they live together,” says WGA President and CEO John Kaczkowski. “Those two ingredients have truly evolved into pure magic.”

In 2015, 17 new participants were invited to join 26 returning girls caddying from previous years. The group includes girls from Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas.

This year, seven girls, who were part of the inaugural Program when it began in 2012, have earned the Evans Scholarship and will begin college in the fall.

Baron Jay Littleton Jr., goes over a typical day in The Caddie Academy:

MORNING – 6 a.m. Participants are woken up by the three live-in Academy counselors, who are Evans Scholars or Alumni. They dress in their caddie uniforms and grab a continental breakfast in the-floor lounge.

6:45 a.m. The counselors drive the group in WGA vans to their respective courses.

AFTERNOON – Girls caddie. When the entire group is finished, a counselor drives them back to the Scholarship House. If the girls did not eat lunch during the round, or did not get a loop, they’ll grab food at the halfway house while waiting on their ride.

4 p.m. At the House, the girls have free time to relax, nap or explore the city as a group. If the girls leave the House, they must receive permission from a counselor. They always travel together.

EVENING – 5 p.m. The group walks to nearby residence hall for dinner, which is served cafeteria style. After their meal, the girls are responsible for small daily chores, which include vacuuming, emptying the garbage or cleaning bathrooms.

6:30 p.m. An evening activity often takes place. It could be hearing a guest speaker – such as a fitness instructor or money expert –going to baseball game, taking ACT prep classes or enjoying a barbecue and movie night. Girls are in their rooms by 10 p.m.

Shalonda Jones caddied at Westmoreland CC and earned Evans Scholarship to Marquette University. “Being the youngest of seven with six older brothers, I saw how hard my parents worked each day. At a young age, I learned the value of a dollar. I know I must work hard to achieve great things in life.

I did not grow up in the best neighborhood. Many people did not have jobs or dropped out of high school. Those experiences have played a huge role in my life and have helped me become a goal-oriented person. I’m never ashamed of where I come from, but I do know where I am going.”

MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE: I come from a big family, but group living is still a challenge. We’ve had our ups and downs, and issues come up. You have to learn to accommodate others and keep an open mind.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: It’s so important to put forth your best effort each day. There are times when it’s 100 degrees and you want to stop at the second hole, but you can’t. I keep in mind the Evans Scholarship, and that I’m out here doing this for a purpose. It’s life-changing to be able to continue my education. I’m the first in my family to go to college. I’m so excited for my future.

For more information contact Baron Jay Littleton Jr at 818-568-3330

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