BikerKiss Launches All-New Mobile App for Biker Dating

15 years ago, there was a gap in the biker dating site market. There was nowhere online for bikers to meet one another and find sparks. That gap was noticed and filled by Biker Kiss back in 2001. Biker Kiss started a site that became a dating service for biker men and women looking for relationships of any kind, from love to friendship. It is widely considered to be the original and best dating site for bikers. Now there has been a gap in the biker dating app market, and Biker Kiss is back again with a solution. They have created a biker dating app so bikers will no longer need to be on their computer to talk to other motorcycle rider singles. What better way to be able to check in with others while on the go? Potentially, you could meet another biker in your local area from the app while you’re both out on a ride and be able to meet up even quicker! There are so many more opportunities opened up now that there is a biker dating app.

You are probably curious if the app is any good or not though, and we’re here to help you find that out as well. Here’s our review:

The interface is pretty simple, but very fast and effective. The lack of a broadband connection was taken into consideration, obviously, as the speed of the app is still quite good. The search tools are pretty easy to use. In the quick search area, you can find out about location, relationship sought, male or female partner, age range, and other specifications. You can use the reverse match to look for somebody who matches your profile, and can use an advanced search to find things like hobbies, physical attributes, person details, and interests that aren’t covered in the quick search alone.

With the Biker Kiss app, you can also check out other members’ profiles and see what they’re interested in, basically everything you could search for with the advanced search. Plus, you can actually upload photos with the app to make it easier to get your profile looking nice.

It is very convenient to use biker dating Apps to look for relationships. You can take it with you anywhere and be able to check any new messages you might have gotten while you’re out instead of having to wait until you get home to respond. There’s no longer a gap in the biker dating app market, thanks to Biker Kiss!