Birth Rocks Academy Providing Thousand Of Women Worldwide With A New Career Supporting Pregnant Women


With low wages in the UK and around the world, the high cost of living and the lack of job satisfaction, tens of thousands of women are looking for a new job or career.  One company that is helping to turn people’s lives around with an opportunity where women work for themselves helping pregnant women is Birth Rocks Academy.

Birth Rocks Academy (BRA) and the founder Cheryl MacDonald have been featured in many glossy magazines for the service they provide and the new career their offer women. The Birth Rocks Academy (BRA) is an online training course for women who want a new direction in their work life and launch a new career.

The Birth ROCKS Academy gives women with or without professional birthing experience the opportunity to start a career in a field they feel passionate about. Instead of working in an office environment, working from nine to five for low wages, ROCKS Academy gives women the chance to work the hours they want to work and work from home around family commitments.

Cheryl MacDonald, the author of the Birth ROCKS book and founder of global women’s yoga and birth franchise YogaBellies, launched Birth Rocks Academy to help women have a much more enjoyable birth. They provide BRA Mentors who guide pregnant women through a safe and comfortable birth and provide them with the support they need. The birth preparation programme is created for parents based on their individuality as opposed to one program for all.

Founder, Cheryl MacDonald says: “My aim is to make training for birth and baby professionals as accessible as possible to women who want to work around their families. Thanks to the internet, I can now share my passion for helping women during this most special time of their lives – through mentoring parents and also allowing other women to train as mentors!”

“So many women want to start their own business but are afraid of going it alone or don’t have the finances.  BRA gives women the opportunity to train in a subject they love and have the backing of a well-respected brand. By training with us, you can provide a positive impact to another woman’s life at an amazing time in their lives.”

There are four types of Birth ROCKS Academy training available:


    Birth ROCKS Mentor Course: The world recognised birth preparation qualification, enabling a person to work with expectant parents in their area as a Registered Birth ROCKS Mentor


    Baby ROCKS Mentor Course: This course enables a person to teach Baby ROCKS, the unique parent craft educator course that helps parents prepare for life with a new baby.  It has four modules; initial care following birth, growing baby (0-6 weeks), hands-on baby care and postnatal care of mum and family life.


    Birth ROCKS Baby Massage Course: This has been designed to teach qualified therapists to work with pregnant and post natal women and offer them comfort and reassurance during pregnancy and beyond.


    Birth ROCKS Angel Package: This is the complete package for those who wish to complete all three of the above mentoring training courses – where you get 20% off the overall costs.

Cheryl adds: “There is a real gap in the market for more Birth ROCKS mentors because midwives just don’t have the time to look after their patients as much as they’d like.  Quite often women don’t even know their midwives when they go into labour but as one of the most important days in their lives, this shouldn’t be the case. It’s essential they are prepared and not worried about the experience.” 

The course has received positive reviews from the media as well as students who have undertaken the course. With over six million women getting pregnant each year in the UK and over six million in the USA, there is an important need for the service.


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Cheryl MacDonald, Nicola Bradley and Lisa Logan are available for an interview, along with a number of case studies of women who have completed courses at the Birth ROCKS Academy.

About Birth ROCKS

    Birth ROCKS was founded by Cheryl MacDonald in 2011  It promotes fun, realistic and approachable childbirth and approachable childbirth and parenting preparation and care for mother and baby.


About Cheryl MacDonald, Founder of YogaBellies & the Birth ROCKS Academy

Cheryl MacDonald has been practising yoga since she was 17 years old and has always been fascinated by all things yoga, birth and baby.  Cheryl has a Degree in International Business and Modern Languages and has completed her 200 hours Hatha Raja Yoga Teacher Training Programme with Chi Yoga School.  Cheryl was the first teacher in the UK to gain the prestigious accreditation of RPYT and is also an approved antenatal educator and practitioner. She has gone on to write the best-selling ‘Birth ROCKS’ book on natural childbirth and the birth mentor training programme by the same name.  She has taught hundreds of women yoga through every stage of their lives and has trained yoga teachers; antenatal educators and baby massage instructors across the world.