Blog launched to help first time wordpress bloggers and business owners on a tight budget


Digital Grog Group launches – the new website building resources blog to provide AtoZ information on building a Content Management System blog.


Perth, Australia (December 20, 2015) – [Digital Grog Group], the maker of Digital Grog Australian Blog, has launched a new website,  a blog providing in-depth guides and tutorials on how to build a website or blog easily for yourself.

The new blog-website combines extensive articles with videos on how to choose the best hosting , where to get  the best deals that includes both domains and hosting together, tutorials on building a website,  and detailed listing  and  comparison  of  the best  website hosting companies  to make a wordpress , joomla ,  drupal  blog or business website. The blog tutorials and explainer videos will be of tremendous value to small business, hobby bloggers, growing trend of dad and mom bloggers or just beginner bloggers looking to start a blog online and make some money.

 “This is a self-hosted word press blog built by a professional blogger and is far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Sherry, the Social Media Guru of Cue Solutions Australia.

The website is made to help people through the blog or website building process with extensive online articles guides on making a blog and also youtube video guides on making the best of your wordpress or content management blog. It also feature articles of choosing wordpress themes to beautify or design your blog front end, helpful articles of choosing the best wordpress plugins to efficiently SEO and promote your blog via the most current social media like Facebook, twitter , Google+, YouTube and Instagram   

More than 1,000,000 businesses are looking for this kind of website solutions in USA, AUSTRALIA, UK and CANADA. With “”, many business owners and bloggers will now be able to build a professional looking website and take it to the next level, while growing their audience and increasing their revenue,” said JJ from Cue Media solutions.


Digital Grog Australia’s Top Technology Portal is the owner of the popular blog. Its online guides and articles are known for helping small business start blogs on a budget. The company’s mission is to make a difference in the quality of blogs and websites available on the internet and help people take it to the next level. The company’s web site at contains additional information.




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