BlueRidge Armor releases Thor-Shield® Ballistic Panel Sleeves


BlueRidge Armor announced the release of Thor-Shield® Ballistic Panel Sleeves. Thor-Shield® is now available for the first time as a sleeve that covers ballistic panel inserts to provide critical protection from TASER® brand devises and other Electroshock Weapons.

The Thor-Shield® Sleeve is available with new body armor orders and also provides a unique opportunity to add Thor-Shield® protection as a retrofit to existing fielded armor panels. The new ThorShield® Sleeve allows wearers of body armor to have integrated protection across concealable, light tactical and concealable based tactical footprints in one convenient system.

For sales and dealer information please visit or call 1-844-556-M855.

About BlueRidge Armor LLC

BlueRidge Armor LLC is a privately held small business with a focus on armor manufacturing and distribution of protective and bullet resistant equipment.


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