BMF Retail is launching a new customizable cash desk system.

The brand new Flexline Cash Desk System will be launched this coming September. The new modular design is sleek and innovative, offering many benefits to retailers. The Flexline Cash Desk System offers many adjustable components for stores to display their products in an organized and attractive fashion, creating new opportunities for increased revenues. The system offers features like integrated fabric panels, customizable metal frames, product hooks and specialty shelves.

The original design idea came about as retailers always seemed to have challenges with keeping their sales counter areas clean and tidy while trying to display those high margin last minute products. These units are ordered and built specifically for each BMF customer, where they can have their choice of colour and countertop surface. BMF also manufactures these units to be shipped flat in order to save on cost for shipping and offer an easy installation.


BMF manufactures high-quality custom retail sales counters for all types of retail. This product differs, as it is a part of their proprietary Flexline system that offering that same modern look with the added versatility and functions that can be found within the BMF Flexline system.

For over 10 years, BMF Retail has been providing the retail and merchandising industry with modern and adaptable solutions. BMF offers retailers a comprehensive store design complete with fixtures and unique merchandising accessories.

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