Bunnycave Studios Announces Development of the Web Version of Math For Honor


The Math For Honor video game has begun the development of the web version of their game due to private donations and crowdfunding.


New York, NY – October 30 2015 – The Founder of Bunnycave Studios, Dante Hin-Gasco, is excited to announce that after their first media push and crowdfunding efforts, Bunnycave Studios is able to start the development of the web version of the Math For Honor video game. 


The current version of the game is currently available for download on www.mathforhonor.com, but will soon be available online due to the funding from private donations and their GoFundMe campaign. Due to funding efforts, Bunnycave Studios was able to hire developer Michael Blout to further their vison of making the Math For Honor game available online as well as using Agile House for their coding incubator.


Bunnycave Studios is a VERY EARLY stage company with a vision to release more educational games in the future, as well as more games in general. However, they need more skilled professionals like artists, web and video game developers, and professionals to accomplish their goals. They need more support and donations to continue with the development of Math for Honor. Please help in the developing for the Math for Honor game by donating to their GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/mathforhonor


About Bunnycave Studios

Bunnycave Studios is a educational video game design company founded by Dante Hin-Gasco.

The Math for Honor video game has won the top prize in the high school division of MassDigi 2015, as well as a Regional Gold and National Silver keys in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards 2015.

Dante Hin-Gasco, a 11th grader that has been a video game developer since 2012, understands that many of his colleagues have trouble in classes just because they don’t have enough hands on practice in the subjects.  Dante made Math for Honor to make it fun to practice and enhance your math skills. Bunnycave Studios needs skilled professionals like artists, web and video game developers, and professionals to continue with converting Math for Honor into a web-based educational video game. Please support Bunnycave Studios in developing Math for Honor by donating to their GoFundMe campaign or learning more about them on their website http://www.mathforhonor.com/


To help fund their GoFundMe campaign please visit:



Contact Info:

Dante Hin-Gasco

New York, NY