Bunnycave Studios Announces Math for Honor Video Game Campaign


Math for Honor makes it fun to practice and enhance your math skills


Portland, OR – October 6, 2015 – Dante Hin-Gasco, the founder of Bunnycave Studios, is a 11th grader that has been a video game developer since 2012.  His first video game “Arcade Action” won one of seven scholastic gold medals for video game design, and over the next couple of years when he wasn’t focused on school he started creating “Math for Honor.” This time Dante won a National Silver Medal from Scholastics along with a Regional Gold, as well as the MassDigi 2015 high school competition. 

Math For Honor is now a passion for Dante, and it all comes from understanding that like him, many of his colleagues have trouble in classes just because they didn’t have enough hands-on practice in the subjects they are studying.  He made Math for Honor to make it fun to practice and enhance your math skills.  Even though the game is currently targeted at helping younger children in elementary school, a little practice now and then on basic math can never hurt.  (Anyone, including adults can use it!)

The game is free to download, but you need a PC. If Dante can raise the money, he intends to convert Math for Honor current version into a web-based game available to anyone, complete with leader boards, and challenges. 


About Bunnycave Studios

Bunnycave Studios is a video game design company that creates the BEST GAMES EVER to help students learn essential subjects while having fun. Math for Honor is the Video Game Fighting Standard for Math Education, intended to help K-12 students learn math in a fun way. Adults can enjoy this game as well!

They are a VERY EARLY stage company with a vision to release more educational games in the future, as well as more games in general.  Stay tuned here for news about their crowdfunding efforts.  They need skilled professionals like artists, web and video game developers, and professionals cost money. Support Bunnycave Studios in developing Math for Honor by donating to their GoFundMe page!

For More Information about Math for Honor, or to help fund their campaign please visit:




Dante Hin-Gasco

New York, NY