Calgary moving company Alberta Pro Movers Launch Moving Tips


The leading Calgary moving company has put together the tips to help people remove the stress of moving. The tips provide expert advice on the best way to move from one home to another.


According to the U.S Census Bureau, 40,093,000 people moved home in 2015, which is 14.190% of the population. With moving being one of the most stressful situations a person or family can go through, a leading Calgary moving company has put some tips together to make the move less stressful. Alberta Pro Movers, based in Calgary provide residential and commercial moving. They hope the tips will allow the whole process of moving to be simplified.


Alberta Pro Movers, who provide local moving and long distance moving services as well as commercial moving services, understand how stressful it can be to move to a new home. The tips provided will allow homeowners to avoid wasting time and make their move more effective.


A spokesman for Alberta Pro Movers said: “We hope our tips will help people have a more successful and more stress-free move.”



Tip 1: Label Boxes With The Room They are Going In


According to the Calgary moving company, by putting a label on each box it will save time by allowing the homeowner to know where to unpack and place the items.


Tip 2:  Use a local movers company


It is important to use a movers company who know the local area a person is moving to. With their knowledge, it can reduce the time it takes to move from one property to another.


Tip 3: Put screws and bolts from bits of furniture in freezer bags.


When moving to a new property screws and bolts can get lost. Through putting them in freezer bags, they will be safe and secure.


Tip 4: Plan before the move what items will be placed in which part of the house.


These simple tips from the Calgary moving company can help people who are looking to move to have a stress free move.mTo learn more about Alberta Pro Movers, please visit


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Alberta Pro Movers is a leading Calgary moving company, with more than 31 years’ experience on the market of relocation services. They offer a full moving service including packing, transportation, loading, unloading, unpacking and Calgary storage facilities if needed