Cancerous Dad Francois’ needs help for Autistic Son Frankie


Introduction: My name’s Francois – 2 years ago, following my first ever colonoscopy I was diagnosed with cancer in my rectum –  a serious situation as my doctor said the tumor was large but could not be removed by operation without serious risks because of its location; I was admitted to hospital because of my dangerously low blood count, blood lost via blackened stools & direct bleeding from my anus. My doctor said I needed to start an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy & radiation immediately.

Cancer – Options? I’d dreaded this diagnosis for some time, as I have very little part-time earnings – I’m 69 years old & my Social Security is only $701 monthly; even with the occasional “on-call” work, I am still living around the poverty line. Oncologists in a TV report stated that basic chemo’ & radiation treatment typically costs about $240,000 yearly or $20,000 monthly – with my Medicare standard co-pay of 20%, that makes the $4,000 monthly co-pay over 3-times my total income monthly ($1,200 +/-) Contrast that with medical studies conducted by both the A.M.A. (American Medical Association) & A.S.C.O. (American Society of Clinical Oncology) showing very low success rates for treatment – it’s a pretty dismal prospect. ‘Maybe take the treatment, file for bankruptcy (as thousands of senior cancer patients are having to do) before eventually dying from cancer. I do have unpaid medical bills, but they do not form part of this appeal. *A redacted copy of a letter from my oncologist appears in the pics.

Decision Made: In the end, I decided I literally could not go that route – not financially, not physically, not emotionally, nor spiritually. I put my faith in a higher power & did huge amounts of research which led to radical changes in my diet & consumption; to date I have managed to minimize the cancer symptoms – but for how much longer I cannot tell.

Frankie’s Autism: Which leaves me with a burning desire to bring better, lasting, healthy improvement to the situation for my Autistic son Francis (“Frankie”) before I die. Frankie was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder approx. 5 years ago (*redacted proof appears in the pics.) Because his mother/ my Filipina ex-wife wanted to start working full-time, she chose to have Frankie looked after by her sister in the Philippines – a common Filipino custom, & moved him there just over 3 years ago. *Further proof of above statements are available.

Changing Demeanor: Frankie always had a ready smile when he lived with my ex-wife & I – see pics marked “Home” but his smile seems to be all but gone now – see pics marked “Phils.” He needs regular frequent help, including Special Ed schooling, which has been interrupted for many months at a time, as it’s fee-paying & the family are poor. My ex-wife & I do send money for his upkeep every single month. Photo’s note: despite the visible difference in demeanor of Frankie, these 2 sets of pics are typical of the relevant time period (i.e., “Home,” &/or “Phils.”)

My Appeal: I am asking for the help of everyone who can to whatever extent possible; I want to travel to the Philippines (ticket, travel, hotel, meals, transport, etc. – estimated $3,500) plus to pre-pay a half-year+ & transport for Special Ed school for Frankie to bring consistency – which is crucial for him & to see what other immediate needs he has (estimated another $3,500), so my goal for this – my “Phase 1,” is for $7,000 or greater. I will post a travelogue of photos of the trip.

Any excess/ balance will go towards funding my “Phase 2,” a plan to move permanently to the Philippines in approx. 6 months, in order to ensure all necessary care is provided for Frankie.

Bottom Line: I love my son Frankie very much, it’s heartbreaking to see his needs for special care are not being consistently met, & before I die I want to change that; your involvement could bring lasting change & maybe more smiles into this lovely boy’s life. I will so greatly appreciate any help you can give to my appeal, even if only forwarding this to everyone you know: God Bless You.

Francois R
*With so many scammers in the world I have chosen to display docs relating to my cancer & Frankie’s Autism to prove my circumstances: I am totally open to providing more proof, as needed.