Casa Candy Announces Kickstarter Initiative for Their Personalized Furniture Products



Personalized furniture with your image, design, style, headboard! Furniture – Bed – Custom – Decor – Print and More!


San Diego, CA – October 11, 2015 – What if your child could decorate their headboard as often as they play one sport to the next or if you can escape to your paradise or any type of scenery every night before you go to bed? Now you can! is website that has real time designers who can work with your images or designs that you can upload to any one of their products. You will have the ability to see an actual rendering of what the actual item would look like. Casa Candy can personalize and customize your image, design, print or style into furniture and home décor. Their headboards come with interchangeable fabric covers of all sizes so that you can easily change the design at any time! Use different patterns, photography images of landscapes or settings, or create a headboard cover with any color, font or design.

Casa Candy recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help their business grow and need your support with initial manufacturing costs in order to stock all their headboard frames. They are also raising capital in order to buy enough raw materials for their headboard frames and would like to ensure faster shipping and production times. Once their goal is met, they will have the funding needed to purchase the raw materials needed for expediting orders and add new models and product lines. By supporting Casa Candy on Kickstarter, they are offering 30% off all their headboard products and promise to ship your order within 3 weeks from its campaign end.

About Casa Candy was founded on the idea that your home furnishings could have its own personality. They combine your personal photos with furnishings and create a home that is vibrant, personal and colorful.

The idea and goal was simple from the start and continues to be the foundation on which their business is run. The Casa Candy partners Louis, Will, Gary, Darren and Joel embarked on a journey that has come to fruition with the creation of the website, and reconfirms their passion and dedication to making a memory last a lifetime with each piece that leaves their facility. Each and every one of Casa Candy products are printed, carefully handcrafted, inspected and packaged by artisans to ensure a lifetime of memories.

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Casa Candy

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