Dr. Jeffery W. Hadley is building smiles in Las Vegas for spring

  A dentist in Las Vegas is helping people gain confidence with the perfect smile. Dr. Hadley is the most respected Invisalign dentist in Las Vegas.     Dr. Jeffery Hadley has become the most respected and recommended dentist in Las Vegas.  In 2015 the preferred provider of cosmetic dentistry, helping men and women keep that perfect smile.   The Las Vegas Dentist offers a wide range of dental services, which include teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and dental crowns.   Visit his website for spring deals on Invisalign & all cosmetic dentistry procedures http://smilesbydrhadley.com/     Media Contact Smiles By Dr. Hadley   3910 Pecos McLeod, Suite A-140 Las Vegas , NV 89121 (702) 454-7695


Simply Grinding’s Versatile Grinders for Weed, Herbs & Spices Big February Sale

British company Tickety Boo Trading has announced that from today the Simply Grinding versatile  Grinder will be sold at $15.99 for a limited time only. The Simply Grinding  Grinder for Weed Herbs & Spices is exclusively sold on Amazon in the US. Usually priced $24.99 the Herb Grinder is a high quality product. It’s made from premium Zinc, has razor sharp cutting teeth and strong Neodymium Lid Magnets keeping contents fresh and preventing spillage. 
This Herb Grinder will last for years.

It’s extremely versatile because it can be used for crushing herbs, weed, spices and even garlic and fresh ginger which means no more sticky fingers. Company spokesperson, Caroline Jones says ‘We decided to buck the trend and offer a February Sale instead of January. And we’ve have had some excellent feedback and reviews so far on Amazon and the Herb Grinder is selling well.

Customers can buy this versatile Grinder for Weed, Herbs & Spices  here on amazon.com
 Media Contact:  Caroline Jones


Colorology Launches Customizable Wall Art That Can Be Colored Or Painted

  The company has introduced people to a new way to appreciate art. Colorology has caused excitement in the art world with their new approach to art. Consumers can purchase the artwork and put their own stamp on it by choosing how to color their artwork. It allows people to reduce the stress and relax by coloring or painting the artwork.     New company Colorology offers customizable artwork that can be colored, painted or hung to create a distinctive look for customers’ homes. With lots of artwork to choose from, there is a piece of artwork that everyone will love.   The company offers dozens of prints that come on heavyweight; 300-gram textured paper that is printed using ChromaLife100+ archival ink. The prints, which are shipped with a 16×20 inch off-white matter and a white foam core back, come in a variety of styles and categories, ranging from images of animals to landscapes to vintage and retro-inspired pieces.   “Colorology’s plan is to provide customers with enough line art, information, techniques, and tips to make their passion of coloring like an artist a reality.”   A spokesperson for the company said. “We work with artists all around the world[…]


The Wolf Castelle Tobacco Herb Grinder Became So Poplar It Ran Out Of Stock

  4-Piece 2” Tobacco Weed Herb Grinder -54 Razor Sharp Teeth Guarantee A Smooth, Easy Grind Every Time – Durable, Long-Lasting and Backed By A LIFETIME Guarantee!     A quality kitchen gadget that launched on Amazon became so popular with consumers; it ran out of stock. The company behind the Wolf Castelle Tobacco Herb Grinder, which has become one of the most recommended kitchen gadgets on Amazon had to order two more shipments of their product to keep up with demand.   The Wolf Castelle Tobacco Herb Grinder is a quality gadget that allows the user to smoothly and easily grind herbs and tobacco without any wastage. The gadget that has 54 razor sharp teeth comes with a full guarantee and removes the stress that other grinders cause.   A spokesman for Wolf Castelle said: “We knew we had a quality and popular product on our hands, but we did not know how successful it would be. As soon as we launched our grinder on Amazon it became a big hit. We quickly found ourselves running out of products and had to order another two shipments.”   To celebrate the success of the tobacco herb grinder, Wolf Castelle has[…]