Top Dogg K-9 Foundation Launches VDOGS Crowdfunding Page to Help Veterans

Atlanta, GA – Blake “Top Dog” Rashad understands all too well the pain of PTSD.  He is a veteran, and he has suffered with this disorder. Rashad is not alone.  Thousands of veterans suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and many go through the remainder of their lives suffering in silence.  Others may turn on their families, friends and themselves in an effort to cope.  “The current veteran suicide rate is around 22 per day.  This is 22 more than it should be,” said Rashad.  Although the VA (Veterans Administration) is looking into formulating a “action plan” to address the high rate of suicide among wounded warriors “No veteran should take their own life when there are so many available resources.” Rashad is also a professional dog trainer, and he served in the U.S. military as a K-9 trainer.  His goal is to prevent veteran suicides by creating bonds between specially trained animal companions and individuals suffering with PTSD and other Invisible Wounds such as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury.)  Blake and his wife Sheila Rashad started a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization designed to bring relief to veterans and their families through dog companions.  Veterans Deserving Outstanding Generosity and Services, known[…]

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St. Louis Lasik Eye Surgery Clinic Announces Spring Specials On Eye Treatment

Dr. Galanis is offering spring specials on St. Louis Lasik eye surgery. Start spring off right with professional vision correction at Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center. Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center based in St. Louis Lasik, is pleased to announce they are offering spring special deals for new and existing customers. The professional eye clinic with over 25 years of surgical experience is helping people to correct their vision at affordable prices. Dr. Galanis has performed over 20,000 surgical procedures, making him one of the most experienced experts in corrective eye surgery. His services have helped people regain their vision and lead a healthy lifestyle, where they have perfect vision. Services Include: Laser Cataract Surgery Custom Bladeless LASIK Routine Eye Exams Dry Eye Treatment Contact Lenses Multifocal Lens Implants Glaucoma Laser Treatment Macular Degeneration Diabetic Eye Examinations Glaucoma Treatment For more information on the services available and how to regain perfect vision, please contact the St. Louis Lasik eye surgery by visiting Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center Tel: 314-633-8575


Las Vegas Urologist Dr. Lawrence Newman Is Offering Spring Specials On Several Urological Exams

The Las Vegas Urologist offers a wide range of services to help his patients. He specializes in all types of Urologic disorders and provides a free consultation at his office. A leading Las Vegas Urologist is pleased to announce he is offering spring specials for new and existing patients on several Urological exams. He has gained his reputation for his professional services and is well respected in his field. Services include: Bladder Infections BPH (Enlarged Prostate) ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Incontinence Infertility Interstitial Cystitis Kidney Stones Men’s Health And Preventive Care Overactive Bladder Peyronie’s Disease Prostate Cancer PSA Issues Vasectomy For more information on the spring specials, please visit or call (702) 948-1199 Media Contact Las Vegas Urologist Dr. Lawrence Newman Tel. (702) 948-1199