TV’s Rock in a Hard Place seeks to singlehandedly revive the dramedy genre

All-star cast currently filming made-for-cable pilot in L.A.   Los Angeles, Calif. – Putting the pieces of your life back together after beating a decades-long addiction is a tall order for anyone, but for Lawrence “Lint” Jones, staying clean and sober may mean facing a future even crazier and more chaotic than his pre-rehab days. That’s the premise behind a made-for-cable television pilot that focuses on the life of Jones (played by Patrick Muldoon), a has-been punk icon living in the shadow of his fame as front man of early 80s bad boys, The Prix, who leaves rehab and winds up moving in with his over-bearing, manipulative Jewish mother (played by the legendary Renee Taylor). Despite his addiction and obvious shortcomings, Jones manages to marry – and divorce – twice; once to former groupie-turned-nationally-syndicated-sex-therapist, “Dr. Debbie Gold,” (played by Joely Fisher) and once to former soft-core porn starlet, “Janice Henley-Jones” played by Shannen Doherty. The three share three children between them; “Prism” a 30 year old lesbian lawyer for the underprivileged, “Martin” a 20 year-old introvert bordering on autistic, and “Shadow” a 15 year-old, out of control teen pop star whose career is managed by her gold-digging mother, Janice. This[…]


A Steam Heat Exchanger From Maxi-Therm In Montreal Has Changed The Steam Design Basics

  Steam has become a vital tool in hospitals, factories, campus colleges, and many industries. It is primarily used for humidification, sterilization, building heat and domestic hot water. It has become a reliable energy that is easy and safe to transport and therefore it is used in cities around the world, like New-York, Boston, Seattle, Montreal, Richmond, etc. However, in over a hundred years the design of the steam heat exchanger has not changed, until now. A new steam heat exchanger has been launched that removes the need for all the components the old design has. The new design brings the steam heat exchanger into the modern world and makes it more efficient. The new steam heat exchanger from Maxi-Therm in Montreal has been hailed as bringing a new and improved design. Engineers, mechanical contractors and building maintenance managers come across steam heating systems in their line of work. They may have noticed that the design of the steam heat exchanger has not changed in the last 100 years. One of the problems with the old design is the number of components it needs. That includes 2 (1/3-2/3) pressure reducing valve and 2 (1/3-2/3) control valve on the steam heat[…]

Source: Launches Fonts Website To Bring Creative People Quality Affordable Font Bundles

  All fonts are from independent designers, providing the highest premium quality fonts on the web. The fonts are available in bundles, providing web designers, paper crafter, Etsy seller, card makers, graphic designers and creative people with the highest quality fonts at low prices. A new Font website is to be launched that will give creative people high-quality font bundles at low prices. The website is offering early access with a 10% discount by visiting ( and pressing the give me access button. The site gives people a simplified way to find the fonts they require, including etsy font bundles, logo fonts, and fonts for greeting cards. One of the biggest problems creative people and professional designers have is to find high-quality fonts. Although there are a lot of fonts available online, a lot of them are of low quality that could damage the look of the design and the ones that are higher quality come with a premium price tag. understand how important it is for creative people to have access to and use quality fonts at affordable prices, that is why each font bundle available is of premium quality.  Each font is provided by experienced designers and is[…]


Oscar Pistorius Inspires a New Novel by Anne Ousby

The Oscar Pistorius story has now inspired a 158-page novel. Anne Ousby is pleased to announce the release of her third novel, Your Friend E. This contemporary story follows the protagonist, Evie, as she attempts to avenge the death of her best friend and sister, Shon. Shon’s boyfriend murdered her in cold blood. After he leaves the country, Evie is determined to make someone else pay for her sister’s death. However, numerous obstacles try upending her plans. Will Evie succeed in obtaining the vengeance she sets out to find? Your Friend E is about a journey. This is a journey that will take readers through a woman’s inconsolable grief, uncontrollable anger, and unstoppable determination,” says Anne Ousby. “The Oscar Pistorius case had a tremendous effect on the nation of South Africa and in the lives of people across the world. The novel borrows similar themes from this painful event in South Africa’s history.” Anne Ousby is not a stranger to writing. Anne has published other novels, like Patterson’s Curse, Leopard Man, and The Last Iceberg. She has stories published in anthologies and on the radio. Anne has also had stage plays performed all over the North East of England. However,[…]