ARCpoint Labs of Portland Launches ARCpoint MD Telehealth Service to Make Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible

  With Increasing Cost, Access and Time Constraints Restricting Healthcare, ARCpoint MD Closes the Gap We all realize that true healthcare has become increasingly difficult to obtain due to financial, time and accessibility constraints. ARCpoint Labs has formulated an antidote to this inaccessibility with ARCpoint MD. The cutting-edge telehealth service is narrowing the divide between patient and doctor, making a visit to the doctor’s office as easy as using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The service is now available through ARCpoint Labs. Please view out website at or contact Barb for further information.  “We are happy to provide a simple and effective way for patients to have instant access to medical advice and guidance for themselves and their families,” said Barb Faith, President. “We take pride in providing a low cost healthcare alternative to serve the needs of everyone.  We look forward to growing this program by teaming up with businesses and individuals in the community.” With ARCpoint MD, receiving medical attention and peace of mind has never been so instantaneous. Members can utilize 24-7 phone or online video access to U.S. board-certified physicians in primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine and family practice. The physicians are NCQA credentialed in the[…]

Source: Offers The Most Popular and Top Products Of Wearable Technology

  Wearable gadgets have become an integral part of everyday life with more people purchasing gadgets for sport, lifestyle, and fun. With the advancement of technology gadgets have become more than just for fun, they have become an important tool to help people within their life, which includes losing weight, security, and healthcare. lists all the best available wearable technology at the best prices. Over the past decade, there has been a big increase in the number of people who now use gadgets in their everyday life. With the revolution in mobile technology, new gadgets are being invented each week, providing consumers with products that can help improve their life. However, keeping up to date with those products and finding the wearable tech that is affordable can be a struggle. That is why was launched. List Wearable Technology ( is showcase of The most Trendy and Up to Date wearable gadgets. The website brings consumers all the latest wearable tech available, and before they list the products, their team check the prices available online to make sure they provide their customers with the best deals. That means, tech lovers not only see the latest wearable tech available; they[…]


The Who Is Famous Directory Becomes the Most Recommended Free Marketing Tool in Helping People Gain Online Exposure

There are many people out there who are trying to get known for what they are good at. That includes actors, artists, public speakers, and models. However trying to get promoted online can be a struggle and expensive. That is why the Who Is Famous Directory was launched. The directory helps to promote people who want to be famous for what they do, and it is free. A new website has been launched to help people who want to become famous for what they do and achieve a high profile online. The Who Is Famous Directory ( is a new free marketing site that helps increase the profile of people in different sectors who want to achieve online exposure. Each week tens of thousands of people are looking to gain exposure for their talents. That includes an artist who needs more customers or a musician who wants to become famous for their music, or it could be a businessman who has achieved so much in their career, but getting that message out and gaining that promotion can be a struggle and very expensive. The Who Is Famous Directory is free marketing platform that makes the process of gaining online exposure[…]


US Bilby announces the Launch of Liquid Chalk Markers 10-Pack – Great for Children’s And Adult Entertainment At Christmas

Liquid Chalk Markers 10-Pack of Vibrant Colors, Premium Japanese Ink, and Reversible 4.5mm Chisel Bullet Tip – Non-Toxic, Child Safe, Washable – For Home, Office – 100% Guaranteed. They provide great entertainment value for both adults and children and is a perfect way for channelling the inner artist.     US Bilby Chalk Markers will bring children hours of fun and keep them away from electronic devices.   The markers are a perfect tool for children to create Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, mask making, and creating art to leave for Santa when he climbs down the chimney. The Ten pack of vibrant colors will last much longer than other colored chalk markers, providing children and adults with many more hours of fun.   The Liquid Chalk Markers, which use premium Japanese Ink, are non-toxic, providing children with a pen they can use that is safe and fully washable. The markers can be used in the office or at home, providing a multi-purpose use. They give parents the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with their children by creating that masterpiece. The markers have also proven to provide destressing and relaxation effects on Adults.   The liquid markers, priced at $15.29 provide a[…]